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Climate Change/Ecological Transition

Key Green Transitions: How Systems Are Changing for People and Planet (The World Bank) – The Global Eye

These 3 start-ups are bringing cutting-edge tech to forest restoration (WEF) – The Global Eye

The Amazon has become a net greenhouse gas emitter. Here’s what that means (WEF) – The Global Eye

Cycling has a massively important role to play in creating net-zero cities, Oxford study says (WEF) – The Global Eye

Tree equity: This US project aims to boost wellbeing and create jobs in 5 cities (WEF) – The Global Eye

4 Big Outcomes the Leaders Summit on Climate Can Deliver (World Resources Institute) – The Global Eye

A Just Transition to a Zero-carbon World Is Possible. Here’s How (World Resources Institute) – The Global Eye

4 Ways to Reduce Plastic Pollution (World Resources Institute) – The Global Eye


The Rise and Rise of Turkish Drone Technology (BESA Center) – The Global Eye

The Pentagon must act now to address vulnerability in its enterprise (Defense News) – The Global Eye

Raytheon awarded $15.5 million to upgrade laser weapon (Defense News) – The Global Eye

Perspecta Labs wins $8.1 million in 5G contracts (Defense News) – The Global Eye

Sweden clings to its non-NATO status amid substantial defense budget boost (Defense News) – The Global Eye

After COVID, are billions in biodefense funds needed to deter US adversaries? (Defense News) – The Global Eye

South Korea unveils prototype of homegrown KF-X fighter jet (Defense News) – The Global Eye

JAIC director: With flat budgets, turn to AI to save money (Defense News) – The Global Eye

Armed Conflict Draws Closer as State-Backed Cyber-Attacks Intensify (Info Security, OODA) – The Global Eye

Facebook Removes 16k Groups for Trading Fake Reviews (Info Security) – The Global Eye

Firewall and Malware Challenges for Virtualized Telecom Networks (Info Security) – The Global Eye

#COVID19 Fraud Surge Threatens to Overwhelm Banks (Info Security) – The Global Eye

LifeLabs Launches Vulnerability Disclosure Program (Info Security) – The Global Eye

NCSC: Large Number of Brits Are Using Easily Guessable Passwords (Info Security) – The Global Eye

Hackers Hacked as Underground Carding Site is Breached (Info Security) – The Global Eye

Learning from Recent Insider Data Breaches (Info Security) – The Global Eye

UK Firms Suffer Record Number of Cyber-Attacks in Q1 (Info Security) – The Global Eye

The JAIC’s Warfighter Health Team is Working to Develop an AI-enabled Suicide Prevention and Intervention Tool (JAIC) – The Global Eye

National Intelligence Council releases Global Trends Report (National Intelligence Council) – The Global Eye

330K stolen payment cards and 895K stolen gift cards sold on dark web (Security Affairs) – The Global Eye

CISA releases post-compromise tool Aviary to review Microsoft 365 (Security Affairs) – The Global Eye

Pwn2Own 2021: participants earned $1,2M of the $1.5M prize pool (Security Affairs) – The Global Eye

Cisco will not release updates to fix critical RCE flaw in EoF Business Routers (Security Affairs) – The Global Eye

Zerodium will pay $300K for WordPress RCE exploits (Security Affairs) – The Global Eye

Crooks abuse website contact forms to deliver IcedID malware (Security Affairs) – The Global Eye

Hackers compromised APKPure client to distribute infected Apps (Security Affairs) – The Global Eye

Joker malware infected 538,000 Huawei Android devices (Security Affairs) – The Global Eye

Personal data of 1.3 million Clubhouse users leaked online (Security Affairs) – The Global Eye

Is the recent accident at Iran Natanz nuclear plant a cyber attack? (Security Affairs) – The Global Eye

Zero-Day Bug Impacts Problem-Plagued Cisco SOHO Routers (Threat Post, OODA) – The Global Eye

Brazilian government launches toolkit to support data protection compliance (ZD Net) – The Global Eye

Washington State educational organizations targeted in cryptojacking spree (ZD Net, OODA) – The Global Eye

Facebook tackles deepfake spread and troll farms in latest moderation push (ZD Net, OODA) – The Global Eye

Fourth Industrial Revolution/Digital Transition

OODAcast: Ray Wang, CEO and Founder of Constellation Research, On The Business Impact of Technology (OODA) – The Global Eye

Food System Innovation (WEF) – The Global Eye

Harnessing Data for a Healthy Ocean (WEF) – The Global Eye

Arrival of the Token Economy, from Art to Real Estate (WEF) – The Global Eye

Transformation in Action: Positive Futures (WEF) – The Global Eye

The Next Frontier: AR/VR (WEF) – The Global Eye

Future-proofing Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (WEF) – The Global Eye

The Next Frontier: Corporate Governance (WEF) – The Global Eye

Ryde stays focus on Singapore, eyes IPO for service expansion (ZD Net) – The Global Eye

Alibaba slapped with record $2.7B antitrust fine (ZD Net) – The Global Eye

They’re working from home. Their religious beliefs are no longer respected (ZD Net) – The Global Eye

Training upward: your executives may not fully understand digital transformation (ZD Net) – The Global Eye


Social and development impact bonds by the numbers. April 2021 snapshot (Brookings) – The Global Eye

The Right Way to Rebuild Cities for Post-Pandemic Work (Bloomberg CityLab) – The Global Eye

Working Toward a Green, Resilient, and Inclusive Recovery (The World Bank) – The Global Eye

Economic Recovery: Toward a Green, Resilient, and Inclusive Future (The World Bank) – The Global Eye

Rethinking Debt: Financing the Future Amid Crisis (The World Bank) – The Global Eye

COVID-19: Vaccines for Developing Countries (The World Bank) – The Global Eye

Message of His Holiness Pope Francis to the World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund (The World Bank) – The Global Eye

The Future Talks to the Past: BRICS Countries’ Strategies Towards the European Union (Valdai Discussion Club) – The Global Eye

Responsible data collection could inspire consumer trust – here’s how (WEF) – The Global Eye

Why democratizing skills is the key to the post-pandemic economy (WEF) – The Global Eye

Overcoming COVID-19 will require tackling inequality (WEF) – The Global Eye

Co-designing Digital Interventions and Technology Projects with Civil Society (WEF) – The Global Eye

Engaging Citizens for Inclusive Futures: Rebuilding Social Cohesion and Trust through Citizen Dialogues (WEF) – The Global Eye

How COVID-19 and ‘work from anywhere’ can build the city of the future (WEF) – The Global Eye

Helen Clark: The lessons we need to learn from COVID-19 (WEF) – The Global Eye


Space Force unveils plans for Space Systems Command (Defense News) – The Global Eye

Earth from Space: Bucharest, Romania (ESA) – The Global Eye

NASA’s NICER Finds X-ray Boosts in the Crab Pulsar’s Radio Bursts (NASA) – The Global Eye

NASA’s Martian Helicopter Readies for Inaugural Flight on Earth’s Neighbor (Nextgov, OOPA) – The Global Eye

Space Systems Command geared to deliver swift, responsive space capabilities (United States Space Force) – The Global Eye


Arab World – Why Nation-State Is the Only Solution to the Arab World’s Identity Crisis (Valdai Discussion Club) – The Global Eye

Canada/China/Arctic – Canada calls out China, climate change as growing concerns in Arctic (Defense News) – The Global Eye

Earth’s changing polar environments – 7 allies sign onto polar research project (Defense News) – The Global Eye

High North – No one will win the competition in the High North (Defense News) – The Global Eye

India/BRICS – BRICS@15: India to Chair 13th BRICS Summit (Valdai Discussion Club) – The Global Eye

Iran – Iran’s middle class and the nuclear deal (Brookings) – The Global Eye

Iran/Russia/Middle East – Will Iran Accept Russia’s Ideas for a Middle East Regional Security Process? (Valdai Discussion Club) – The Global Eye

Israel/France – Israel-France Relations in Light of the ICC Decision (BESA Center) – The Global Eye

(Palestinian Authority/Israel) The Palestinian Authority Tries to Bully Israel on the Jerusalem Issue (JCPA) – The Global Eye

Russia/Arctic – Russia’s Arctic activity to increase with fresh strategy and more capability tests (Defense News) – The Global Eye

Russia/Iran – Russia and Iran: New Mechanisms for Regional Security and Cooperation (Valdai Discussion Club) – The Global Eye

(Syria) The Syrian Economy: In Ruins, with Few Prospects of Recovery (INSS) – The Global Eye

Syria/Israel – After a Decade of War in Syria, Israel Should Change its Policy (INSS) – The Global Eye

USA – What’s stopping automatic retirement savings for more workers? (Brookings) – The Global Eye

USA – Don’t overreact to inflation data this spring (Brookings) – The Global Eye

USA – To counter extreme politics, revive global democracies’ Rust Belts (Brookings) – The Global Eye

USA – Biden Budget Requests Major Investments for Federal Technology and Cybersecurity (Nextgov) – The Global Eye

USA – Biden requests $715B for Pentagon, hinting at administration’s future priorities (Defense News) – The Global Eye

USA – Building back better: The promise of the American Rescue Plan for education (Brookings) – The Global Eye

USA – How hateful rhetoric connects to real-world violence (Brookings) – The Global Eye

USA – A guide for conceptualizing the debate over Section 230 (Brookings) – The Global Eye

USA – Biden’s infrastructure plan replaces federal cynicism with a sweeping vision (Brookings) – The Global Eye

USA – What’s stopping automatic retirement savings for more workers? (Brookings) – The Global Eye

USA – What does the Amazon union effort signify for labor in America? (Brookings) – The Global Eye

USA – Justice Thomas sends a message on social media regulation (Brookings) – The Global Eye

USA/China – US adds seven Chinese supercomputing organisations onto Entity List (ZD Net, OOPA) – The Global Eye

USA/China – Think twice before bringing back the COCOM export control regime (Defense News) – The Global Eye

USA/China – Beijing has pierced Washington’s deterrence bubble. How can the US recover? (Defense News) – The Global Eye

USA/China – Kerry’s possible China visit aids ‘limited climate cooperation’ (Global Times) – The Global Eye

USA/China/Russia – China-US split not inevitable if two can refocus after Alaska: scholar (Global Times) – The Global Eye

USA/Germany/Russia/Nord Stream 2 – Punishing Germany for Nord Stream 2 does nothing to stop Putin (Defense News) – The Global Eye

USA/Russia – Nuclear arms control in the 2020s Key issues for the US and Russia (Brookings) – The Global Eye

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