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Climate Change/Ecological Transition

COP26: Delaying key climate meeting preferable to ‘messing it up’ (BBC News) – The Global Eye

Facebook posts ‘net zero’ operational emissions status update (BusinessGreen) – The Global Eye

Accelerating permafrost collapse on the Eastern Tibetan Plateau (Environmental Research Letters) – The Global Eye

Gas grid operators outline plans for expanded EU ‘hydrogen highway’ (Euractiv) – The Global Eye

EU chief adviser says credibility of green finance rules at risk (Euractiv) – The Global Eye

Robust increase of Indian monsoon rainfall and its variability under future warming in CMIP6 models (European Geosciences Union) – The Global Eye

India won’t raise climate ambition under pressure: Prakash Javadekar (Hindustan Times) – The Global Eye

How do we make an orderly transition to clean energy with billions of legacy vehicles still in use? Ben van Beurden sits down with Martijn Rats, Global Oil Strategist and Head of European Energy Research, to discuss the future of energy (Morgan Stanley) – The Global Eye

Graduate students from the University of Oxford proposed financing to help beekeepers scale and expand practices that drive biodiversity conservation (Morgan Stanley) – The Global Eye

NOAA and communities to map heat inequities in 11 states (NOAA) – The Global Eye

Climate Risks Bill Could Spark Shift to Truly Green Economy (Scientific American) – The Global Eye

Europe’s power giants send mixed messages on future of natural gas (S&P Global Market Intelligence) – The Global Eye

‘Failure is not an option’: after a lost decade on climate action, the 2020s offer one last chance (The Conversation) – The Global Eye

Report claiming global temperature rise will top 1.5C by 2030s divides scientists (The Guardian) – The Global Eye

Morrison government can’t conceal inaction on climate from US with ‘smoke and mirrors’ (The Guardian) – The Global Eye

US reentry to Paris agreement adds momentum to cities’ sustainability efforts (The Hill) – The Global Eye

India’s monsoon rains to get 5% heavier for every 1C of global warming, study finds (The Indipendent) – The Global Eye

Is ‘frugal innovation’ Africa’s ticket to green development? (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The Global Eye

What a 1,600-year-old New Zealand tree can tell us about climate change (Vox) – The Global Eye

It’s not just Big Oil. Big Meat also spends millions to crush good climate policy (Vox) – The Global Eye

Environmental Racism is at the Heart of Europe’s Continued Coal Use (Vox) – The Global Eye

Underwater forests: Why it’s vital we protect our sea meadows (WEF) – The Global Eye

How can we ensure a just transition to the green economy? (WEF) – The Global Eye

Climate change will hit ‘endemic’ plants and animals the hardest, study warns (WEF) – The Global Eye


The future of security in space: A thirty-year US strategy (Atlantic Council) – The Global Eye

CISA Urges Caution for Security Researchers Targeted in Attack Campaign (DarkReading) – The Global Eye

Army Software Factory experiments with a new culture to unleash coders in its ranks (Defense News) – The Global Eye

Cloudy vision: Can NATO’s new deployable combat system focus the field? (Defense News) – The Global Eye

Biden admin moving ahead with UAE F-35, drone sales for now (Defense News) – The Global Eye

US military to blend electronic warfare with cyber capabilities (Defense News) – The Global Eye

China aims to weaponize space, says intel community report (Defense News) – The Global Eye

Biden nominates longtime expert as nuclear warhead chief (Defense News) – The Global Eye

How the DoD’s future war-fighting needs are shaping cloud vendors’ products (Defense News) – The Global Eye

Drone test of Hera mission’s asteroid radar (ESA) – The Global Eye

ESA & UNOOSA on space debris: Directors Josef Aschbacher and Simonetta di Pippo in conversation (ESA) – The Global Eye

New Jersey School Districts Investigate Cyber-Attacks (Info Security) – The Global Eye

The announcement came during a Senate Appropriations subcommittee hearing highlighting Defense budget tensions (NextGov) – The Global Eye

Vulnerabilities, equities, and progress (ORF) – The Global Eye

Information wars and regime stability. How can nations respond? (ORF) – The Global Eye

Sweden blames Russia for Swedish Sports Confederation hack (Security Affairs) – The Global Eye

FBI silently removed web shells planted on Microsoft Exchange servers in the US (Security Affairs) – The Global Eye

FireEye: 650 new threat groups were tracked in 2020 (Security Affairs) – The Global Eye

WhatsApp flaws could have allowed hackers to remotely hack mobile devices (Security Affairs) – The Global Eye

For the second time in a week, a Google Chromium zero-day released online (Security Affairs) – The Global Eye

Germany’s Cybersecurity Architecture (Stiftung Neue Verantwortung) – The Global Eye

Psychology in Modern Russian Warfare (The Jamestown Foundation) – The Global Eye

Russian Espionage Case in Italy: A Setback for Moscow? (The Jamestown Foundation) – The Global Eye

100 Million More IoT Devices Are Exposed—and They Won’t Be the Last (Wired) – The Global Eye

Cyber criminals are installing cryptojacking malware on unpatched Microsoft Exchange servers (ZD Net) – The Global Eye

Innovation/Technology/Fourth Industrial Revolution/Digital Transition

The Path of Least Resistance. Multinational Collaboration on AI for Military Logistics and Sustainment (CSET) – The Global Eye

Satellite imagery key to powering Google Earth (ESA) – The Global Eye

Surging demand for digital products and services is giving rise to a breed of companies facilitating cloud computing and data automation. Could their consolidated market share rival that of today’s tech blue chips? (Morgan Stanley) – The Global Eye

Automation in moderation: Preserving fundamental rights while moderating online content at scale (ORF) – The Global Eye

Our digital futures: Rights, pluralism, or tech determinism? (ORF) – The Global Eye

The promise of AI: Can it hold for environmental sustainability? (ORF) – The Global Eye

Indo-Pacific 5G survey: Connections and conflict (ORF) – The Global Eye

Commoditisation of broadband connectivity: A call to action (ORF) – The Global Eye

China’s going full speed ahead on technology innovation. Will it work? (ThinkChina) – The Global Eye

The hidden downside to ocean data and how to make it more sustainable (WEF) – The Global Eye


Virtual Roundtable: Human Trafficking and Its Sustainable Development Implications (CFR) – The Global Eye

Global Supply Chains in the Era of COVID-19 (CFR) – The Global Eye

Laboratories from Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean Review Progress Towards OPCW Designation (OPCW) – The Global Eye

Philippines Contributes $15,000 to Future OPCW Centre for Chemistry and Technology (OPCW) – The Global Eye

OPCW Releases Second Report by Investigation and Identification Team (OPCW) – The Global Eye

Value chains disrupted: Navigating the American and Chinese contest for dominance (ORF) – The Global Eye

Decade of Action: Importance of a circular economy (ORF) – The Global Eye

Countries must rethink tariffs on bio-manufacturing (WEF) – The Global Eye

Why COVID-19 government support needs to be tailored and targeted (WEF) – The Global Eye


Asia – Geopolitics drives vaccine access in Asia (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

China/USA – Can Biden’s new infrastructure plan rival China’s BRI? (ThinkChina) – The Global Eye

Europe/India/Indo Pacific – The EU-India-Indo-Pacific triangle: Bolstered cooperation amid the pandemic (ORF) – The Global Eye

India/Russia/USA – A tale of two visits and a shift in Indian foreign policy (ORF) – The Global Eye

Iran – Natanz attack: Creating time for a nuclear deal with Iran? (AEI) – The Global Eye

Iran – The Natanz Blackout: Can the Iran Deal Talks Still Succeed? (CFR) – The Global Eye

Iran – Did the Iran nuclear talks just blow up? (Atlantic Council) – The Global Eye

(Iran/Central Asia) Iran’s New Pivot to Central Asia (The Jamestown Foundation) – The Global Eye

Japan – Japanese regulator bans restart at nuclear plant over safety breaches (The Guardian) – The Global Eye

JCPOA – The Other Sides of Renegotiating the JCPOA Iran Nuclear Agreement (CSIS) – The Global Eye

Lebanon – Navigating Collapse in Lebanon’s Covid-19 Response (CSIS) – The Global Eye

Lebanon/Syrian Refugees – Why Syrian refugees in Lebanon are a crisis within a crisis (Brookings) – The Global Eye

Myanmar/ASEAN/UN – Time for a coordinated ASEAN–UN response to Myanmar’s coup (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

Quad/India/China – Quad now centrepiece in India’s China strategy (ThinkChina) – The Global Eye

Russia/Ukraine – What if Russia invades Ukraine (again)? Consider these options for sanctions escalation (Atlantic Council) – The Global Eye

Russia/Ukraine – Russian passports: Putin’s secret weapon in the war against Ukraine (Atlantic Council) – The Global Eye

Russia/Ukraine – A pipeline deal could help end Putin’s Ukraine war (Atlantic Council) – The Global Eye

USA – The changing faces of Cabinet diversity, George Washington through Joe Biden (Brookings) – The Global Eye

USA – How the United States can select and work with nonstate armed actors as stabilization partners (Brookings) – The Global Eye

USA – Economic dynamism thrives in America’s minority communities (Brookings) – The Global Eye

USA – Why Democrats and Republicans would benefit from hate crime protections for Asian Americans (Brookings) – The Global Eye

USA – Looking back at the “Build Back Better with Biden FCC” series (Brookings) – The Global Eye

USA – Public-private microschooling partnerships: The Southern Nevada Urban Micro Academy model (AEI) – The Global Eye

USA – Supreme Court’s ruling for Google in Oracle case yields somewhat more freedom for programmers (AEI) – The Global Eye

USA – 5 questions for Scott Lincicome on the drawbacks of industrial policy (AEI) – The Global Eye

USA – What’s next for 12-GHz spectrum? Highlights from my conversation with V. Noah Campbell and Richard Bennett (AEI) – The Global Eye

USA – The Military, Police, and the Rise of Terrorism in the United States (CSIS) – The Global Eye

USA – Recovery in the U.S. labor market, along with wage growth, may be stronger and faster than expected. Here’s what that could mean for investors (Morgan Stanley) – The Global Eye

USA – What Americans still want from reform: An April 2021 update (Brookings) – The Global Eye

(USA) To recover from COVID-19, downtowns must adapt (Brookings) – The Global Eye

USA/Afghanistan – Leaving Afghanistan, twenty years later (Atlantic Council) – The Global Eye

USA/Afghanistan – Afghanistan: Too Much Is Enough (CSIS) – The Global Eye

(USA/Afghanistan) Withdrawing troops from Afghanistan: Biden’s unforced error puts America at risk (Brookings) – The Global Eye

USA/Afghanistan – The US decision to withdraw from Afghanistan is the right one (Brookings) – The Global Eye

USA/Japan – Suga-Biden summit to rekindle ‘can-do’ spirit of the US-Japan alliance (Brookings) – The Global Eye

USA/Japan – Priority on dealing with US–Japan alliance perception gap (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

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