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Tra i temi proposti:

– Stanford University, il rapporto AI100 2021;

– La complessità delle operazioni d’influenza;

– Crypto valute e il futuro del denaro;

– La Cina e il Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP);

– Le politiche di riduzione della povertà in Cina;

– La trasformazione digitale in Giappone;

– Riflessioni nell’AUKUS;

– USA, città e intelligenza artificiale;

– Cina e USA: formare talenti nel campo dell’intelligenza artificiale;

– Cresce la minaccia cyber da parte dell’Iran;

– L’India e la crescita “verde”

Buona lettura ! 



– The Afghan Disaster: Lessons our Military must Heed (Deepak Sinha, ORF)

– How the Taliban benefited from internal rifts amongst Islamic powers in West Asia (Kabir Taneja, ORF)

– Suspending Afghanistan from SAARC and international law (Prabhash Ranjan, ORF)


– China’s reluctant Taliban embrace (Pravda Parakkal, East Asia Forum)


– AfPak’s back, alright (Aarti Betigeri, The Interpreter)


– Africa must produce its own vaccines (Landry Signé, Brookings)

Artificial Intelligence:

– Gathering Strength, Gathering Storms: The One Hundred Year Study on Artificial Intelligence (AI100) 2021 Study Panel Report (Stanford University)


– What the U.S.-British-Australian Security Pact Means for Europe (Rosa Balfour, Carnegie Europe)

– Why the AUKUS Submarine Deal Is Bad for Nonproliferation—And What to Do About It (James M. Acton, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)

– Far from breaking with the past, AUKUS advances Australia’s commitment to collective defence (Ashley Townshend, The Strategist)

– Nuclear submarines increase Australia’s need for speed (Michael Shoebridge, The Strategist)

– India is not a bystander in the AUKUS saga (Abhijit Singh, ORF)


– China moves to join the CPTPP, but don’t expect a fast pass (Mireya Solís, Brookings)

– What’s next for poverty reduction policies in China? (Maria Ana Lugo, Martin Raiser, and Ruslan Yemtsov, Brookings)

– Robot Hacking Games. China’s Competitions to Automate the Software Vulnerability Lifecycle (Dakota Cary, CSET)

– China won’t open up after lockdown anytime soon (Nicholas Thomas, East Asia Forum)

– China will have to learn to live with COVID-19 too (Editorial Board, East Asia Forum)

– State-backed forces and organized crime are the biggest threats to cyber security: Zhou Hongyi (Liu Caiyu, Global Times)

Climate Change:

– Global Climate Agreements: Successes and Failures (Lindsay Maizland, CFR)


– Cryptocurrencies, Digital Dollars, and the Future of Money (Anshu Siripurapu, CFR)

Cyber-Influence Operations-Technology:

– What’s Working and What Isn’t in Researching Influence Operations? (Alicia Wanless, Lawfare)

Financial Technology:

– Can fintech improve health? (Aaron Klein, Brookings)


– India’s green growth imperative (Dhruba Purkayastha, Project-Syndicate) – The Global Eye


– The Ever-Growing Iranian Cyber Threat (Mansour Piroti, BESA Center)


– COVID-19 and Japan’s long-awaited digital transformation (Jun Mukoyama, East Asia Forum)


– Beneficial ownership in Mongolia: A way forward (Michael Barron, Tim Law, Jake Hartnett, Batsugar Tsedendamba, Amar Adiya, and Ariuntsetseg Jigmeddorj, Brookings)

North Korea:

– North Korea’s nuclear drama continues (Shashank Mattoo, ORF)


– Sideswiped: Apple, Google, and the Kremlin’s Make-Believe Election (Steven Feldstein, Andrew S. Weiss, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)

Semiconductor Chips:

– Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp (SMIC) gears up to double its production by 2025 (Saranya, ORF)

– Chip-ageddon? The Race to Ace Tech Sovereignty (Saranya)

Sri Lanka:

– What does Sri Lanka’s defence of China’s record at UNHRC entail? (Sathiya Moorthy, ORF)


– Reloading Ukraine’s corporate governance reforms (Iaroslav Zhelezniak, Andriy Boytsun, Oleksandr Lysenko, Atlantic Council)

– Zelenskyy slams UN inaction over Putin’s Ukraine war (Peter Dickinson, Atlantic Council)


– The geography of AI. Which cities will drive the artificial intelligence revolution? (Mark Muro and Sifan Liu, Brookings)


– AI Education in China and the United States. A Comparative Assessment (Dahlia Peterson, Kayla Goode, Diana Gehlhaus, CSET)


Jordan and America’s decades-long friendship (Bruce Riedel and Bill Finan, Brookings)

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