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The Science of Where Magazine’s interviews

– Per Italia e Germania, il futuro è nelle nuove tecnologie. Intervista esclusiva con l’Ambasciatore d’Italia a Berlino, Armando Varricchio

– Gathering strenght, gathering storms. Visions on artificial intelligence. The Science of Where Magazine meets Michael Littman and Peter Stone

Afghanistan-China Pakistan Economic Corridor

– CPEC-extension and de-dollarization could help Afghanistan out from under US thumb (Yasir Habib Khan, Global Times)

Artificial Intelligence

– Misinformation Is About to Get So Much Worse (Saahil Desai, Defense One)


– AUKUS: Good Goals, Bad Implementation (Bradley Bowman, Mark Montgomery, Defense One)


– China’s GJ-11 stealth drone displays precision weapons at Airshow China 2021 (Global Times)

– China to speed up research into new strategic weapons for air force: J-20 chief designer (Global Times)

– China’s J-16D electronic warfare aircraft reveals jamming pods, missiles at Airshow China 2021 (Global Times)

– China’s “digital natives”: How the post-’90s generation is transforming the country (Cheng Li, Brookings)

– Xi Takes a Page From Mao’s Red Playbook (Craig Singleton, Foundation for Defense of Democracies)


– China ready to work with Malaysia to strengthen communication and properly handle differences on South China Sea issue: Chinese Defense Minister (Global Times)


– The military, intel, and law enforcement must collaborate in this new counterterrorism era (R. Clarke Cooper, Atlantic Council)

Digital Trade

– Listening to Users and Other Ideas for Building Trust in Digital Trade (Susan Ariel Aaronson, CIGI)

Electric Vehicles

– Jim Farley & Mary NicholChief Executive Officer of Ford & Distinguished Visiting Fellow at CGEP (CGEP)


– The Italian G20 Presidency welcomes the 1st meeting of the Creditor Committee for Ethiopia under the Common Framework for Debt Treatments beyond the DSSI (G20 Italia 2021)


– Armored Troop Carrier Project to Link Baltic Sea Regional Partners (Olevs Nikers, The Jamestown Foundation)

Food Waste

– Food waste: a global problem that undermines healthy diets (UN News)


– How Olaf Scholz Won Germany (Dalia Marin, Project-Syndicate)

– Germany’s ‘messy’ post-Merkel moment (Sophia Besch, Jörn Fleck, Atlantic Council)


– Russian Gas, German Elections, and US sanctions (Pavel K. Baev, The Jamestown Foundation)

Global Financial System

– A new proposal for the G-20 to strengthen the global financial safety net (Brahima Sangafowa Coulibaly and Eswar Prasad, Brookings)


– Guinea: Justice for 2009 massacre must be at heart of political transition (UN News)


– COVID-19 is a weak excuse for changing Japan’s Constitution (Lawrence Repeta, East Asia Forum)


– Macao to rise as regional financial hub: local banker (Li Qiaoyi, Global Times)

Middle East

– Transforming logistics (Amjad Ahmad, Jean-Francois Condamine, Atlantic Council)

Post-Pandemic Recovery

– The risks of an uneven economic recovery in an unequal world (Ambar Narayan, Alexandru Cojocaru, Miriam Muller, and David Newhouse, Brookings)

– Aligning COVID-19 recovery efforts with the SDGs – toolbox and principles (G20 Italia 2021)

– Guterres calls for accelerated action on jobs, poverty eradication (UN News)

– COVID-19 caused ‘shocking’ inequalities: human rights chief Bachelet (UN News)


– Now is the time to push for political resolution in Syria: UN envoy (UN News)

Technology and Nationalism

– As Technology Evolves, So Does the Nature of Nationalism (Marie Lamensch, CIGI)

Transatlantic Digital Cooperation

– Resetting Transatlantic Digital Cooperation Matters More Than French-Australian Submarines (Daniel Castro, Nigel Cory, ITIF)


– Addressing youth unemployment through industries without smokestacks: A Tunisia case study (Sami Mouley and Amal Nagah Elbeshbishi, Brookings)


– New UK space strategy sets the stage for defense investments (Andrew Chuter, Defense News)


– Supporting families supports the economy: Social nets are economic foundations (Kathy Hirsh-Pasek and Peg Burchinal, Brookings)

– How tech platforms fuel U.S. political polarization and what government can do about it (Paul Barrett, Justin Hendrix, Grant Sims, Brookings)

– Boeing delivers first Block III Super Hornets to the US Navy (Megan Eckstein, Defense News)

– Lockheed scores US Army contract for major electronic warfare, intel and cyber platform (Mark Pomerleau, Defense News)

– US Navy reorganizes submarine enterprise to address challenges in construction, maintenance (Megan Eckstein, Defense News)

– Space Force awards $88 million in contracts for launch system prototyping (Nathan Strout, Defense News)

– What To Expect When You’re Expecting A National Defense Strategy (Thomas Spoehr, Bradley Bowman, Bryan Clark, Mackenzie Eaglen, Foundation for Defense of Democracies)

– How worried should we be if the debt ceiling isn’t lifted? (Wendy Edelberg and Louise Sheiner, Brookings)


– More continuity than change in Biden’s Asia strategy (Nick Bisley, East Asia Forum)


– To Deter China, Relearn The Lost Art of Dissuasion (Bryan Clark, Dan Patt, Defense One)


– Are vaccines and Afghanistan routes back to US-Iran engagement? (Barbara Slavin, Atlantic Council)

– If Biden Won’t Stand Up to Iran, Congress Should Stand Up to Biden (Gabriel Noronha, Andrea Stricker, Matthew Zweig, Foundation for Defense of Democracies)


– Playing a weak hand well Jordan’s Hashemite kings and the United States (Bruce Riedel, Brookings)


– New US Navy task group taps destroyers to focus on countering Russian undersea threat (Diana Stancy Correll and Megan Eckstein, Defense News)

– On Russia’s Obstructionism at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (US Department of State)

World Trade Organization

Key Issues for Reforming the World Trade Organization (Jürgen Matthes, Kyungjin Song, Chris Hattingh, Stephen Ezell, Grace Sly, Philip Thompson)


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