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The Science of Where Magazine’s interviews

– Per Italia e Germania, il futuro è nelle nuove tecnologie. Intervista esclusiva con l’Ambasciatore d’Italia a Berlino, Armando Varricchio

– Gathering strenght, gathering storms. Visions on artificial intelligence. The Science of Where Magazine meets Michael Littman and Peter Stone

Autonomous Weapons

– An autonomous robot may have already killed people — here’s how the weapons could be more destabilizing than nukes (


– AUKUS is deeper than just submarines (

– Using AUKUS to Brazen it Out | Vivekananda International Foundation (

– Indo-Pacific Minilateralism: Did AUKUS Overshadow QUAD? – USI – Blog (


– China preps rollout of a new carrier-based fighter jet (

– Profound Transformation in China in the “NEW ERA” | Vivekananda International Foundation (


– A long Haul or a Short War : China’s True Designs In Ladakh – Center For Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS)

Climate Change

– Locally-led nature-based solutions can deliver global leaders’ pledge | International Institute for Environment and Development (

– Climate-induced migration and modern slavery: a toolkit for policymakers | Publications Library (

Food Systems

– Food Systems Summit: implications for global food governance | International Institute for Environment and Development (

Global Governance

– Are Rules of the Game Possible in the Era of Nuclear Weapons? — Valdai Club

– It’s complicated: Lessons from 25 years of measuring governance (


– Comprehensive support needed for Haitians facing expulsion in Americas | | UN News


– Cross-Border Migration May Lead to Resurgence of Insurgency in Manipur: A New Security Challenge for India – Center For Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS)

– Karbi Anglong Peace Accord: Cordoning Security to Enhancing Connectivity – Center For Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS)

– Leveraging India’s Aadhaar platform to ease COVID-19 pain (

Internally Displaced Persons

– The case for treating long-term urban IDPs as city residents | Publications Library (


– Iraq: ‘Moral obligation’ to ensure justice for Yazidi and other survivors of ISIL crimes  | | UN News


– Italy funds arming of its Reaper drones (


– Japan shall have a new Prime Minister in Fumio Kishida | Vivekananda International Foundation (


– Digital banks and the transformation of Malaysia’s financial landscape | East Asia Forum


– ‘Urgent’ international response needed in Myanmar: UN chief  | | UN News

– Myanmar’s military junta has long-term power plans (

Mobility Governance

– The Pandemic and International Migration: Exploiting the Healthcare Crisis to Reform Mobility Governance — Valdai Club

North Korea

– The North Korean Nuclear Program: The End of CVID? (


– Pakistan Releases Dossier 2021: Propagandist Overtures – Center For Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS)


– UN Chief commends ‘remarkable achievements’ in Sudan | | UN News

Sustainable Markets

– Mining cobalt better | International Institute for Environment and Development (


– Property tax compliance in Tanzania: Can nudges help? (


– Industries without smokestacks in Tunisia: Creating jobs in tourism and ICT (


– Women, work, and families: Recovering from the pandemic-induced recession (

– Student outcomes at community colleges: What factors explain variation in loan repayment and earnings? (

– USAID’s local staff are an overlooked resource to advance locally led development (

– Beyond VC: Financing technology entrepreneurship in the rest of America (Aia Sarycheva and Mark Muro, Brookings) – The Global Eye

– How to account for small business interests in President Biden’s Modernizing Regulatory Review Initiative (

– US Army trains forces across military on tools to fight drones (

– US Army makes headway on Synthetic Training Environment (

– Defense Business Board Relaunches After Pentagon Review – Defense One

– Air Force Chief Anticipates ‘Something Special’ for B-21 Public Debut – Defense One

– Strengthen U.S. Security Through Nuclear Arms Reductions – Defense One

– We’re Already Barreling Toward the Next Pandemic – Defense One

– Redistricting 2021: Red states, blue voters (

– Pláticas: How Mesa, Ariz. is combatting displacement with community conversations (


– Biden’s Best Chance to Get Back on Course with Europe – Defense One


– Boeing gets nod to start building Germany’s P-8 anti-submarine aircraft (


– USA-Iran: Why Is the Deal Stalled? — Valdai Club


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