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The Science of Where Magazine’s interviews

– Per Italia e Germania, il futuro è nelle nuove tecnologie. Intervista esclusiva con l’Ambasciatore d’Italia a Berlino, Armando Varricchio

– Gathering strenght, gathering storms. Visions on artificial intelligence. The Science of Where Magazine meets Michael Littman and Peter Stone


– Afghanistan: the next frontier for China’s private-security companies? (


– How will the Taliban handle its dispute with Tajikistan? | Taliban | Al Jazeera


– Mobile money dominates fintech investment in Africa (

– We need more than empty rhetoric on Africa’s youth – Economy and ecology | IPS Journal (


– Oz’s choice—AUKUS and the break with Paris | ORF (

– AUKUS Rocks the Boat in the Indo-Pacific, and it’s not Good News | IFRI – Institut français des relations internationales


– Does the AUKUS submarine deal compromise Australia’s sovereignty? | The Strategist (


– Australia takes the scenic route back to normality and a long dry economic gully | East Asia Forum

– Australia’s luck may be another casualty of the pandemic | East Asia Forum

– Critical infrastructure legislation should also set the parameters of cognitive security | The Strategist (


– How will the Australia–Japan relationship fare under Prime Minister Fumio Kishida? | The Strategist (


– WTO dispute settlement: why Australia bothers | The Interpreter (


– Explainer: What’s Behind Fresh Tensions On The Iran-Azerbaijan Border? (


– Divining the Meaning of Recent Developments on Belarus’s Two Geopolitical Flanks – Jamestown

BRICS New Development Bank

– The Expansion of NDB Membership: First Wave of BRICS+ — Valdai Club


– China military watch | The Strategist (

– Book Review – China INC: Between State Capitalism and Economic Statecraft ; By Commodore Vijesh Kumar Garg, VSM | C3S India | Chennai Centre for China Studies

– What Evergrande signals about China’s economic future – Economy and ecology | IPS Journal (

China-Central and Eastern European Countries

– The 16+1 Initiative: Judged Too Quickly? | ORF (


– China’s declining Pacific aid presence | The Interpreter (


– Regulating crypto and cyberware in the EU – CEPS

Europe-Western Balkans:

– A Template for Staged Accession to the EU – CEPS


– The French Double Standard on Fighting Terrorism (


– End of the Merkel Era: Sic Transit Gloria Mundi | INSS

– What does Germany want? – Future of social democracy | IPS Journal (

– How the world looks at the German elections – Foreign and security policy | IPS Journal (


– India: A great power or a great presence? | ORF (

India-South Asia

– India is struggling to keep its financial promises to South Asia (


– Indonesia: painted politics | The Interpreter (


– Iran, Pakistan, two complementary economies, need to further enhance cooperation – IRNA English


– Betting on Italy by Michael Spence – Project Syndicate (


– Gauging the Mexican view of US-China rivalry (Timothy S Rich, Ian Milden, Madelynn Einhorn, Olivia Blackmon, East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

Middle East

– What Anwar Sadat’s murder 40 years ago meant for the Middle East (


– Morocco flirts with Ethiopia amid stalled Nile dam talks – Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East


– The coup united the people of Myanmar against oppression | Opinions | Al Jazeera


– The Quad Commits to Regulating Space | ORF (

– Why the Quad summit was a strategic success – Atlantic Council


– Playing at Politics: Manufacturing Russia’s Parliamentary Parties – Carnegie Moscow Center – Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

– Russia’s Armed Forces Enhance UAV Strike Capability – Jamestown

– Crop Failures in Russia Point to Serious Shortages of Bread and Potatoes Ahead – Jamestown

Russia-Germany-Angela Merkel

– Merkel’s Legacy, as Seen From Russia – Carnegie Moscow Center – Carnegie Endowment for International Peace


– US Nuclear Forces Announce the ‘Breathtaking’ Growth of China and the Need for a Transition to Trilateral Deterrence — Valdai Club


– Sudan security forces resist calls for civilian control – Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East

– Sudan’s failed coup shows why military reform is a must – Atlantic Council


– The metachallenges of the metaverse (

– Will the Federal Reserve Support Inclusive Prosperity? by Simon Johnson – Project Syndicate (

– For COVID-19 vaccinations, party affiliation matters more than race and ethnicity (William A. Galston, Brookings) – The Global Eye


– The price of American hegemony in Asia – Foreign and security policy | IPS Journal (

USA-Ethiopia’s Tigray

– The exemplary U.S. sanctions regime for Ethiopia’s Tigray conflict and its limitations (


– Why Both Sides of the Atlantic Should Come Together on Tech – Defense One


– How to ensure Afghanistan isn’t the graveyard of European defense – Atlantic Council

USA-Southeast Asia

– Biden’s underwhelming engagement with Southeast Asia | East Asia Forum


– Is Uzbekistan on the Verge of Rejoining the CSTO? – Jamestown

Artificial Intelligence

– Building better diagnostic standards for medical AI (

Climate Change-Public Finance

– Putting Public Finance on the Right Side of History by Werner Hoyer & John Murton – Project Syndicate (

Global Economy-Geopolitics

– The Geopolitical Conquest of Economics by Jean Pisani-Ferry – Project Syndicate (

Nuclear Weapons

– An arms control stocktake | The Interpreter (

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