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by NYC Mayor’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer

Let’s talk about AI. New technology often generates excitement, inspires hope, and even ignites fear. We imagine the myriad ways tech can change life for the better. At the same time, we understandably worry about how it might be abused. These responses to AI, in particular, make sense. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are rapidly assuming integral roles in everyday life, but the general public and some key decision makers do not yet understand them well. That’s why it is necessary to broadly deliver a base level of understanding about this revolutionary technology. The NYC AI Primer aims to do just that. We must also implement approaches, tools, collaborations, and governance to ensure that the use of this technology is appropriate. In the age of AI, digital rights are human rights. In the coming years, governments, private companies, academic institutions, and others will make choices about AI that reverberate far into the future. AI’s impact in the 21st century promises to be akin to that of the internet in the 20th century and electricity in the 19th. As a global epicenter of innovation and home to nearly nine million people, New York City has a key role to play in shaping this future. Through the NYC AI Strategy, we are laying out the next steps needed to make the most of artificial intelligence, to protect people from harm, and to build a better society for all. We hope you’ll join us.

John Paul Farmer (Chief Technology Officer, The City of New York)

The New York City Artificial Intelligence Strategy

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