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Mondi in Progress 18-12-2020

Amazon e climate change

Al Jazeera: AMAZON/CLIMATE CHANGE – Amazon must stop flooding our oceans with plastic waste (Matt Littlejohn – The Global Eye

Banca Centrale Europea

Project-Syndicate: ECB – The ECB’s New Stealth Mandate (Melvyn Krauss, Project-Syndicate) – The Global Eye

Coronavirus e climate change

WEF: CORONAVIRUS /CLIMATE CHANGE – Coronavirus causes ‘record fall’ in fossil-fuel emissions in 2020 (Carbon Brief, WEF) – The Global Eye

Europa e climate change

WEF: EUROPE/CLIMATE CHANGE – How the European Union could achieve net-zero emissions at net-zero cost (WEF, McKinsey & Company) – The Global Eye

In Africa

Project-Syndicate: AFRICA – Kick-Starting FDI in Africa (Carl Manlan, Efosa Ojomo, Project-Syndicate) – The Global Eye

In Iraq

Atlantic Council: IRAQ – Iraq’s energy security strategy: A path to diversity and energy independence (Abbas Kadhim and Sara Vakhshouri, Atlantic Council) – The Global Eye

In Kashmir

East Asia Forum: KASHMIR – Kashmir still roiled in conflict (Ayesha Ray, East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

In Libano 

JCPA: LEBANON – Lebanon’s Economy Is in Tatters, and Financial Aid Is Not Forthcoming without Reform (Col. (ret.) Dr. Jacques Neriah, JCPA) – The Global Eye

In Marocco

Brookings: MOROCCO/COVID19 – Policy and institutional responses to COVID-19 in the Middle East and North Africa: Morocco (Yasmina Abouzzohour, Brookings) – The Global Eye

Internet globale (?)

Brookings: INTERNET – The consequences of a fragmenting, less global internet (Nick Merrill and Konstantinos Komaitis, Brookings) – The Global Eye

In Yemen

Al Jazeera: YEMEN – Yemen most at risk of humanitarian catastrophe in 2021: IRC (David Child, Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

Iran, rischi sul ritorno all’accordo per il nucleare

The Strategist: IRAN – The risks in returning to the Iran nuclear agreement (Malcolm Davis, The Strategist) – The Global Eye

Israele e Caucaso

BESA Center: ISRAEL/CAUCASUS – Israel Needs a Caucasus Strategy (Dmitri Shufutinsky, BESA Center) – The Global Eye

Israele e Palestina

INSS: PALESTINE/ISRAEL – “The Day After” Abu Mazen is Already Here (Michael Milstein, INSS) – The Global Eye

Le Primavere Arabe 10 anni dopo

Al Jazeera: ARAB SPRING 10 YEARS AGO – Remembering Mohamed Bouazizi: The man who sparked the Arab Spring (Thessa Lageman, Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

Al Jazeera: ARAB SPRING 10 YEARS AGO – How economic hardship fuelled the Arab Spring 10 years ago (Abubakr Al-Shamahi, Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye


Russia Matters: NAGORNO KARABAKH – A Look at the Military Lessons of the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict (Michael Kofman, Russia Matters) – The Global Eye

BESA Center: NAGORNO KARABAKH – The Second Nagorno-Karabakh War: A Milestone in Military Affairs (Uzi Rubin, BESA Center) – The Global Eye

Southeast Asia, Pandemia, Diritti umani

East Asia Forum: SOUTHEAST ASIA/PANDEMIC/HUMAN RIGHTS – How COVID-19 infected human rights protection (Champa Patel, East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

USA, Cina e Intelligenza Artificiale

Brookings: USA/CHINA/AI – Together, The U.S. And China Can Reduce The Risks From AI (John R. Allen and Fu Ying, Brookings) – The Global Eye

USA e Iran

USA/IRAN – Biden rejoining the Iran nuclear deal will allow Tehran to fund militias through oil (Hussain Abdul-Hussain, Al Arabiya) – The Global Eye

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