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Mondi in Progress 14-11-2021


(Boko Haram) Boko Haram blocks Lake Chad trade routes (Remadji Hoinathy, ISS) – The Global Eye

(Somalia/Kenya) Somalia and Kenya still have a road to neighbourly cooperation (Abdimalik Abdullahi, Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye


(Pandemic/World/USA) COVID-19 exposes a changed world: A prescription for renewing US global partnership (George Ingram, Brookings) – The Global Eye

(USA) The role of misinformation in Trump’s insurrection (Darrell M. West, Brookings) – The Global Eye

(USA) What the 2020 census will reveal about America: Stagnating growth, an aging population, and youthful diversity (William H. Frey, Brookings) – The Global Eye

(USA) On Inauguration Day, prioritize protecting the continuity of government (John Hudak, Brookings) – The Global Eye

(USA) How can we implement education for climate action and climate justice? (Christina Kwauk, Brookings) – The Global Eye

(USA) Higher education’s reopening decisions affected the most vulnerable students (Kristen E. Broady, Eliana Buckner, Jennifer Umanzor, and Sarah Wheaton, Brookings) – The Global Eye

(USA) The US must now repair democracy at home and abroad (Thomas Wright, Brookings) – The Global Eye

(USA) Donald Trump’s Costly Legacy (Richard Haass, Project-Syndicate) – The Global Eye

(USA) What the Capitol insurgency reveals about white supremacy and law enforcement (Rashawn Ray, Brookings) – The Global Eye

(USA) Why America needs a “Tech New Deal” to build back better (Nicol Turner Lee, Brookings) – The Global Eye

(USA) The Effort to Disqualify Trump Is Worth It (Eric Posner, Project-Syndicate) – The Global Eye

(USA) The spectre of Trump’s spectacles (Marwan Bishara, Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye


(China) State-owned companies face challenges in achieving China’s carbon neutrality goal (Shan Jie, Lu Yameng and Li Qiao, Global Times) – The Global Eye

(China) China’s WJ-700 drone completes maiden flight, ‘creates new drone combat pattern’ (Deng Xiaoci and Liu Xuanzun, Global Times) – The Global Eye

(Iran) Why Hasn’t Anyone Attacked Iran’s Nuclear Sites? (Albert Wolf, BESA Center) – The Global Eye

(South China Sea) COVID-19 masks mischief in the South China Sea (Carlyle Thayer, East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

(Sri Lanka) Sri Lanka’s economy hemmed in by COVID-19 and geopolitical tensions (Dushni Weerakoon, East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

(Vietnam) – The future of Vietnam’s anti-corruption drive (Hai Hong Nguyen, East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

Climate Change

(Environment) 2020 did not actually help the environment. Here’s how 2021 could (Marie Quinney, Gabriela Martinez, WEF) – The Global Eye

(Ocean) What can corporations do to help save the ocean? (Peter Thomson, Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(Paris Climate Agreement) No Time to Spare for the Paris Climate Promise (Mary Robinson, Project-Syndicate) – The Global Eye

(Sustainability) Why sustainability is the new digital (Orit Gadiesh, Jenny Davis-Peccoud, WEF) – The Global Eye


(Europe) Europe after Brexit. One Continent, Two Systems (Roderick Parkes, DGAP) – The Global Eye


(EU Court of Justice, Europe, USA, Surveillance, Privacy) The oracle at Luxembourg: The EU Court of Justice judges the world on surveillance and privacy (Cameron F. Kerry, Brookings) – The Global Eye

Medio Oriente

(Israel) How Israel Is Adapting to the Growing Threat of Terror Armies (Yaakov Lappin, BESA Center) – The Global Eye

(Israel/Iran/USA) Israeli Policy on Iran vis-à-vis the Biden Administration (Shimon Stein, Shlomo Brom, INSS) – The Global Eye

(Israel/Iran/USA) Returning to the Nuclear Agreement: Implications for Israel (Eldad Shavit, Sima Shine, INSS) – The Global Eye


(UK/India) Are the UK and India Finally Getting Serious About Each Other? (Walter Ladwig, RUSI) – The Global Eye


(USA/Afghanistan) US policy toward Afghanistan: Consider the trade-offs, including with other policy areas (Vanda Felbab-Brown, Brookings) – The Global Eye


(USA/China) Can America Lead Again? (Yuen Yuen Ang, Project-Syndicate) – The Global Eye


(USA/Indo-Pacific) Biden’s Approach to the Indo-Pacific (Emil Avdaliani, BESA Center) – The Global Eye


(USA/Iran) The ‘Iran-al-Qaeda Axis’: Here we go again (Belen Fernandez, Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye


(USA/Taiwan) After lifting restrictions on US-Taiwan relations, what comes next? (Ryan Hass, Brookings) – The Global Eye

Tecnologia – Innovazione – Digitale

(Digitization) How Companies Should Leverage Digitization (Dambisa Moyo, Project-Syndicate) – The Global Eye

(High-Performance Computing) Why we must democratize access to high-performance computing (Pete Ungaro, WEF) – The Global Eye

(Pandemic/Digital Payments) 7 lessons COVID-19 taught us about improving digital payments (Yan Xiao, Keyzom Ngodup, WEF) – The Global Eye

(Pandemic/Digital Technologies/Vaccine) Digital technologies and vaccine deployment: Opportunities and challenges (Boutheina Guermazi, World Bank blogs) – The Global Eye

(Social Media Companies/Emergency Protocols) Social media companies need better emergency protocols (Daniel L. Byman and Aditi Joshi, Brookings) – The Global Eye

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