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(Africa) Vaccine Geopolitics Could Derail Africa’s Post-Pandemic Recovery (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace) – The Global Eye

(Africa) Africa in the news: Sudan, COVID-19 vaccine, and political updates (Brookings) – The Global Eye

(Africa) An African Union Summit held in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic and against growing tensions in parts of the continent (ACCORD) – The Global Eye

(Africa/Europe) After Cotonou: How Europe can forge new relations with Africa in 2021 (ECFR) – The Global Eye

(Armenia) Armenia’s Military Leadership, Civilian Opposition Move to Oust Pashinian’s Government (The Jamestown Foundation) – The Global Eye

(Asia) Overcoming the economic hurdles in the race to vaccinate Asia (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

(Asia) Ministers, Experts Chart Asia’s Digitalization Pathway to Sustainable Post-COVID-19 Growth (ADBI) – The Global Eye

(Asia) Of the People, for the People: Economic Corridors, High-Speed Railways, and Quality of Life in Post-COVID-19 Asia (ADBI) – The Global Eye

(Australia) How far would Australia go in defence of the rules-based order? (The Interpreter) – The Global Eye

(Australia) The end of the old order shakes Australia’s grand strategy (The Strategist) – The Global Eye

(Australia) Podcast: Rasmus Kleis Nielsen on the Australian conflict over online news (Brookings) – The Global Eye

(Australia/China) What should Australia do about Uyghur forced labour in China? (The Strategist) – The Global Eye

(Brazil) Brazilian agribusiness booms despite international tensions (China Dialogue) – The Global Eye

(Britain) A war is being waged against academic freedom in Britain (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(Canada) Canada’s CAE buys L3Harris military training unit, with eyes on US programs (Defense News) – The Global Eye

(Caspian Sea) The Caspian Sea as Battleground (BESA Center) – The Global Eye

(China) How China’s media is covering the border crisis | The Hindu In Focus Podcast (The Hindu, CSEP) – The Global Eye

(China) Fintech development transforming the financial landscape in the People’s Republic of China (ADBI) – The Global Eye

(China) How Developed Is China’s Arms Industry? (China Power, CSIS) – The Global Eye

(China) China’s Opaque Shipyards Should Raise Red Flags for Foreign Companies (CSIS) – The Global Eye

(China/Caspian Region) In the Caspian Region, China Is Just Getting Started (Carnegie Moscow Center) – The Global Eye

(China/Russia/Europe) Podcast: What’s Europe’s Strategy for Managing China and Russia? (Carnegie Moscow Center) – The Global Eye

(China/Taiwan) Mainland China is in no position to take Taiwan by force (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

(Colombia) Deeply Rooted: Coca Eradication and Violence in Colombia (Crisis Group) – The Global Eye

(Europe) COVID-19 credit-support programmes in Europe’s five largest economies (Bruegel) – The Global Eye

(Europe/ASEAN) An Energy Policy for ASEAN? Lessons from the EU Experience on Energy Integration, Security, and Decarbonization (ADBI) – The Global Eye

(Europe/Russia) EU-Russia Relations: What Went Wrong? (Carnegie Moscow Center) – The Global Eye

(European Central Bank) A brown or a green European Central Bank? (Bruegel) – The Global Eye

(Greece) Greece’s Rise as a Trans-Mediterranean Power: Greece’s Eastern Mediterranean strategic shift to Europe-to-Africa and Europe-to-Middle East connectivity (ELIAMEP) – The Global Eye

(Greece/Europe) How has the profile of new jobs changed in Greece and the EU? (ELIAMEP) – The Global Eye

(India) Federalism and India’s human capital (The Hindu, CSEP) – The Global Eye

(India) Rare diseases in India: Still a blind spot (ORF) – The Global Eye

(India) Climate crisis is foundation of Indian farmers’ protests (China Dialogue, The Third Pole) – The Global Eye

(India) Can plant protein be the solution to India’s supply vs demand conundrum (ORF) – The Global Eye

(India) India’s quest for a new assault rifle is almost over (ORF) – The Global Eye

(India) Jaishankar reaches out to Delhi’s Indian Ocean Partners (ORF) – The Global Eye

(India/Pakistan) Is a thaw between India and Pakistan possible? (ORF) – The Global Eye

(India/Pakistan) India-Pakistan ceasefire: The phantasmagoric peace process (ORF) – The Global Eye

(India/Russia) India must be realistic about Russia relations (The Interpreter) – The Global Eye

(Indonesia) Central Sulawesi disaster: An opportunity to strengthen road and bridge resilience in Indonesia? (World Bank blogs) – The Global Eye

(Indonesia) What do we need to boost water supply resilience in Indonesia? A risk-based mindset (World Bank blogs) – The Global Eye

(Iran) Fool me once: How Tehran views the Iran nuclear deal (ECFR) – The Global Eye

(Iran/Iraq/USA) Report: Iran used commercial satellite images to monitor US forces before attack (Defense News) – The Global Eye

(Israel) See images of a secretive Israeli nuclear facility undergoing major construction (Defense News) – The Global Eye

(Italy/Germany) Fincantieri to build two new German-design submarines for the Italian navy (Defense News) – The Global Eye

(Malaysia) Volatile politics risks undermining Malaysia’s top courts (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

(Maldives/India) Majlis’ debate marks Maldivian ‘defence deal’ with India (ORF) – The Global Eye

(Mexico) Mexico’s Long War: Drugs, Crime, and the Cartels (CFR) – The Global Eye

(Myanmar) At least 10 media workers detained amid anti-coup protests in Myanmar, including AP journalist Thein Zaw (CPJ) – The Global Eye

(Myanmar) The ineffectiveness of economic sanctions (ORF) – The Global Eye

(Myanmar) A Close-up View of Myanmar’s Leaderless Mass Protests (Crisis Group) – The Global Eye

(Nepal) Nepal: Supreme Court’s verdict on dissolution of Parliament and the emerging situation (ORF) – The Global Eye

(Nigeria) Nigeria’s Internal Security Problem (CFR) – The Global Eye

(North Korea) North Korea’s mistranslated ‘shoot-to-kill’ border protection order (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

(Philippines) A Duterte dynasty? (The Interpreter) – The Global Eye

(Portugal) Edge of the Atlantic: Portugal’s presidency of the EU Council (ECFR) – The Global Eye

(Russia) Russia’s collective punishment of the Crimean Tatars is a war crime (Atlantic Council) – The Global Eye

(Russia/Iran/Turkey/Caspian Region) Moscow Expanding Ties With Iran to Counter Growing Turkish Influence Around Caspian (The Jamestown Foundation) – The Global Eye

(Russia/Karabakh) Russia’s Iskander Missiles Fail in Karabakh but Cause Crisis in Armenia (The Jamestown Foundation) – The Global Eye

(Russia/UK) Russian Dirty Money: How to Shut Down the London Laundromat (Chatham House) – The Global Eye

(Sahel) Resilience at scale: productive inclusion through safety nets in the Sahel (World Bank blogs) – The Global Eye

(Singapore) Singapore’s navy tests a new layer of surveillance: unmanned vessels (Defense News) – The Global Eye

(Somalia) A Last Chance to End Somalia’s Dangerous Election Impasse (Crisis Group) – The Global Eye

(Southeast Asia) Certification fails to transform the palm oil industry – what next? (China Dialogue) – The Global Eye

(South Sudan) South Sudan’s Other War: Resolving the Insurgency in Equatoria (Crisis Group) – The Global Eye

(Sri Lanka) Sri Lanka: Prevention Should Be at Heart of New Human Rights Council Resolution (Crisis Group) – The Global Eye

(Sub-Saharan Africa) Working hard and not being counted? Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa on redefining employment (World Bank blogs) – The Global Eye

(Taiwan) Global Platform Governance Network: A Conversation with Audrey Tang (CIGI) – The Global Eye

(Tibet) Erasing memory in China’s Tibet (The Interpreter) – The Global Eye

(Turkey) Turkey’s Baykar begins designing AI-powered combat drone (Defense News) – The Global Eye

(Ukraine/Europe) Ukraine, EU Locked in Clash of Cultures and Values (The Jamestown Foundation) – The Global Eye

(Ukraine/Russia) Why Ukraine sanctioned Putin’s ally Medvedchuk (Atlantic Council) – The Global Eye

(USA) Who will lead the world in artificial intelligence? (AEI) – The Global Eye

(USA) Biden’s challenge (AEI) – The Global Eye

(USA) In its quest for modernization, the US Marine Corps looks to shake up its headquarters (Defense News) – The Global Eye

(USA) US Army’s newest tracked vehicle will undergo initial operational test in early 2022 (Defense News) – The Global Eye

(USA) NORAD is using artificial intelligence to see the threats it used to miss (Defense News) – The Global Eye

(USA) New Senate defense appropriations chairman talks nuclear modernization, defense cuts and earmarks (Defense News) – The Global Eye

(USA) Report broadens conversation on space militarization and Space Force satellite defense (Defense News) – The Global Eye

(USA) Climate change is messing with Texas (China Dialogue, RMI) – The Global Eye

(USA) Progress on Restoring Voting Rights (Brennan Center for Justice) – The Global Eye

(USA) The Supreme Court Case Challenging Voting Restrictions in Arizona, Explained (Brennan Center for Justice) – The Global Eye

(USA) How the rise of ‘citizen voice’ increased infrastructure costs: My long-read Q&A with Leah Brooks (AEI) – The Global Eye

(USA) Tax bias and the child and dependent care tax credit (AEI) – The Global Eye

(USA) How Biden’s Jamal Khashoggi report could backfire (AEI) – The Global Eye

(USA) When it comes to conspiracy theories, education matters (AEI) – The Global Eye

(USA) Beyond relief and stimulus: More jobs and more skills (Brookings) – The Global Eye

(USA) America’s young people need jobs. The federal government should pay for them (Brookings) – The Global Eye

(USA) 5 Reasons the US Should Cut its GHG Emissions in Half by 2030 (World Resources Institute) – The Global Eye

(USA) Why Investors Bought the First Certified Green Bond to Protect Forests for Drinking Water (World Resources Institute) – The Global Eye

(USA) Pulling Up the Inflation Anchor (Project-Syndicate) – The Global Eye

(USA/China) Eyeing China, Indo-Pacific Command seeks $27 billion deterrence fund (Defense News) – The Global Eye

(USA/China) ‘Wakeup call’: Report calls for massive AI investments to counter China (Defense News) – The Global Eye

(USA/China) It’s time to set up a US–China Decarbonisation Working Group (China Dialogue) – The Global Eye

(USA/China) How American Free Trade Can Outdo China (Paulson Institute) – The Global Eye

(USA/Iran) US Intelligence and the Dilemma of Iran (BESA Center) – The Global Eye

(USA/Iran) The real roots of Iranian anti-Americanism (AEI, The National Interest) – The Global Eye

(USA/Iran) Biden’s decision to strike Iran’s proxies is a good start (Brookings) – The Global Eye

(USA/Iran) With Iran, nuclear diplomacy comes first (Atlantic Council) – The Global Eye

(USA/North Korea) Transition 2021 Series: A Gathering Storm—The Future of U.S.-North Korea Policy (CFR) – The Global Eye

(USA/Russia) How to deploy economic tools against Putin’s aggression (Atlantic Council) – The Global Eye

(USA/Russia/Europe) Biden must freeze Putin’s pipeline and prevent this “bad deal for Europe” (Atlantic Council) – The Global Eye

(USA/Saudi Arabia) Khashoggi’s murder: It is time for accountability (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(USA/Saudi Arabia) After the Khashoggi report: How the US can respond and avoid blowback (Atlantic Council) – The Global Eye

(USA/Saudi Arabia/Iran) Biden recalibrates approach towards Saudi Arabia but also warns Iran (ORF) – The Global Eye

(USA/Syria/Iran) Experts React: US airstrike in Syria targets Iran-backed militias (Atlantic Council) – The Global Eye

(USA/Ukraine) US announces $125 million in military aid for Ukraine (Defense News) – The Global Eye

(Venezuela) Venezuelan refugees and their receiving communities need funding, not sympathy (Brookings) – The Global Eye

(Vietnam) Where to now for Vietnam after Trong? (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

(Vietnam/South China Sea) Vietnam strengthens fortifications in disputed South China Sea, satellite images reveal (Defense News) – The Global Eye

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(Artificial Intelligence) Rethinking the artificial intelligence race (ORF) – The Global Eye

(Climate Change) Sharks and rays are in devastating decline – a global solution is needed (China Dialogue) – The Global Eye

(Climate Change) This is how much different commodities contribute to deforestation (WEF) – The Global Eye

(Paris Agreement) How Do Countries’ New Emissions-reduction Plans Stack Up? (World Resources Institute) – The Global Eye

(Cities) Accelerating a Just Transition to Smart, Sustainable Cities (CIGI) – The Global Eye

(Colonialism) ‘Moral evil, economic good’: Whitewashing the sins of colonialism (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(Cybersecurity) Hackers are finding ways to hide inside Apple’s walled garden (MIT Technology Review) – The Global Eye

(Education) How COVID-19 has changed the way we educate children (WEF) – The Global Eye

(G20/Poorest Countries) How is the G20 tackling debt problems of the poorest countries? (Bruegel) – The Global Eye

(Global Liquidity) Managing Global Liquidity Through COVID-19 and Beyond (Chatham House) – The Global Eye

(Global Vaccination) Global vaccination is still a jab in the dark (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

(IDEX) Unmanned systems, artificial intelligence dominate the IDEX showroom (Defense News) – The Global Eye

(ILO) International Labor Organization: Returning to the core business of defending workers (AEI) – The Global Eye

(IMF) Tristan Walker on Innovation at the International Monetary Fund (CIGI) – The Global Eye

(Infrastructure Projects) Private sector’s retreat jeopardizes recovery (World Bank blogs) – The Global Eye

(International Corporate Taxation) An Open Letter to Joe Biden on International Corporate Taxation (Project-Syndicate) – The Global Eye

(Pandemic) Sustaining the Response: Pandemics, Border Controls and International Travel (Chatham House) – The Global Eye

(Pandemic) John-Arne Røttingen: On the Front Lines of Pandemic Diplomacy (CSIS) – The Global Eye

(Pandemic/Governance) Dealing with Corporate Distress, Repair, and Reallocation after the Pandemic (ADBI) – The Global Eye

(Remittances Flows) Modeling remittances flows with web scraping (Brookings) – The Global Eye

(Space) Why countries are desperate to defy the odds and access Mars (WEF) – The Global Eye

(Vaccine Apartheid/Global South) System change, not charity, will end the vaccine apartheid (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(Vaccine Development/Digital Tools) Digital tools helped enable COVID-19 vaccine trials. What are the lessons learned? (AEI) – The Global Eye

(Work) Winners and Losers in the Digital Transformation of Work (Project-Syndicate) – The Global Eye

(Work) How businesses can help solve society’s workforce problems (WEF) – The Global Eye

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