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(Africa) Priorities for supporting trade under a build-back-better agenda (Brookings) – The Global Eye

(Africa) Keep remittances flowing to Africa (Brookings) – The Global Eye

(Arab World) There is a long road ahead for Arab journalists and free speech (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(Australia) Northern Territory’s digital infrastructure plans face big challenges (The Strategist) – The Global Eye

(Bangladesh/Rohingya) UN team visits remote Bangladesh island where Rohingya relocated (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(Brazil) The Brazilian economic canary in the coal mine (AEI) – The Global Eye

(China) Directions Forward for Chinese Rare Earths After the Two Sessions (The Jamestown Foundation) – The Global Eye

(China) A New Step Forward in PLA Professionalization (The Jamestown Foundation) – The Global Eye

(China) China’s Xinjiang Propaganda and United Front Work in Turkey: Part Two (The Jamestown Foundation) – The Global Eye

(China) China’s 14th Five-Year Plan Sets Foundation for Climate Action, But Important Details Are Still Needed (World Resources Institute) – The Global Eye

(China/Belt and Road Initiative) The Belt and Road, and the pandemic detour (The Interpreter) – The Global Eye

(China/Nepal) Is the Growth of Sino-Nepal Relations Reducing Nepal’s Autonomy? (The Jamestown Foundation) – The Global Eye

(China/Space) China’s commercial space sector shoots for the stars (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

(Egypt/China/West) The competition for Egypt: China, the West, and megaprojects (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(Egypt/Sinai) Egypt army razed more than 12,300 buildings in Sinai: HRW (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(Europe/China) EU envoys agree first China sanctions in three decades: Diplomats (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(Europe/Digital) Why Europe’s Digital Decade Matters (Project-Syndicate) – The Global Eye

(Europe/Russia) The EU’s Russia Policy Is a Fiasco Which May Endure (RUSI) – The Global Eye

(Europe/Hungary) Calling it quits: How Europe should build on Fidesz’s exit from the EPP (ECFR) – The Global Eye

(Greece) ‘Pocket parks’ are helping Athens tackle pollution (WEF) – The Global Eye

(India) Delhi Master Plan 2021–41: Towards a People’s City? (ORF) – The Global Eye

(India/China) Response to Chinese Assertiveness (ORF) – The Global Eye

(India/Middle East/USA) Eyeing US crude, India plans to buy less oil from Middle East (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(Indonesia) Indonesia’s Corruption Eradication Commission in dire straits (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

(Iran/Australia) Iran: Could Australia’s hostage diplomacy have been better? (The Interpreter) – The Global Eye

(Iran/Saudi Arabia/Israel) Implications of the Latest Iranian Attack on Saudi Oil Facilities (BESA Center) – The Global Eye

(Iraq/Pope Francis) Pope Francis visited Iraq at a time locals fear ISIS’ resurgence (ORF) – The Global Eye

(Israel) Wanted: A Mapainik Leadership (BESA Center) – The Global Eye

(Jordan/Israel) The Canceled Visit of the Jordanian Crown Prince to the Temple Mount (BESA Center) – The Global Eye

(Jordan/Israel) Jordan’s crown prince steps to the fore amid strained relations with Israel (Brookings) – The Global Eye

(Kenya) Kenyan court upholds ban on female genital mutilation (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(Lebanon) Lebanon’s Aoun tells PM-designate Hariri to form government or go (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(Lebanon) Lebanon needs an aid paradigm shift (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(Mali) Attackers on trucks and motorbikes raid Mali base, kill 33 troops (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(Mongolia) Mongolia’s military diplomacy and geopolitical balance (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

(Myanmar) Can Myanmar’s civil disobedience movement restore democracy? (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

(North Korea/USA) North Korea says no talks with US while ‘hostile policy’ in place (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(Quadrilateral Security Dialogue) A Quad’s rise in the Indo-Pacific that’s rich with irony for Beijing (ORF) – The Global Eye

(Quadrilateral Security Dialogue) How far will India go to fulfil Quad goals, with China watching? (ORF) – The Global Eye

(Quadrilateral Security Dialogue) Quad – An idea whose time has come (ORF) – The Global Eye

(Quadrilateral Security Dialogue) First Quad leaders’ summit polishes the democratic diamond (The Strategist) – The Global Eye

(Russia) Special Services Aggravate Bad Governance in Russia (The Jamestown Foundation) – The Global Eye

(Russia) Kremlin critic Navalny condemns jail as ‘concentration camp’ (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(Russia) Stop giving Putin a free pass to Europe’s backyard (AEI) – The Global Eye

(Russia/Indian Ocean) Russia wants to be a power to be reckoned with in the Indian Ocean (The Interpreter) – The Global Eye

(Russia/Sputnik V) Sputnik V: Vaccine Glasnost, at Last? (RUSI) – The Global Eye

(Southeast Asia) Southeast Asia’s post-pandemic recovery outlook (Brookings) – The Global Eye

(Sri Lanka) Will ‘deradicalisation’ in Sri Lanka work? (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(Sudan) Sudanese military firm agrees to give up civilian business (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(Syria) UN warns of another ‘decade of desperation’ in war-torn Syria (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(Syria) ‘We cannot be wasteful’: Syrian crisis spurs aid innovations (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(Syria) Red Cross report reveals the pain and loss of Syria’s youth (The Strategist) – The Global Eye

(Tunisia) Tunisian Jews Are in Immediate Danger (BESA Center) – The Global Eye

(Turkey) Top Turkish prosecutor files case to close pro-Kurdish HDP (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(Turkey/UAE) Useful enemies: How the Turkey-UAE rivalry is remaking the Middle East (ECFR) – The Global Eye

(UK) UK’s Vision is Confident, But Success is a Long Way Off (Chatham House) – The Global Eye

(Ukraine) While Zelenskyy Promises Peace, Ukraine’s Army Faces Serious Challenges (The Jamestown Foundation) – The Global Eye

(UN/Afghanistan) UN chief appoints personal envoy to Afghanistan (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(USA) How Democracy Dies: Big Tech Becomes Big Brother (BESA Center) – The Global Eye

(USA) Biden administration faces pressure on immigration amid influx (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(USA) ‘What we were afraid of’: Asian American women condemn attacks (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(USA) Domestic challenges could limit new US climate policy (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

(USA) US white supremacist propaganda surged in 2020: Report (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(USA) 11 AEI scholars discuss the deterrent value of America’s military (AEI) – The Global Eye

(USA) Would Biden’s tax hike really spare the middle class? Nope (AEI) – The Global Eye

(USA) Conservatives drift leftward in the ‘plan to rescue America’ (AEI) – The Global Eye

(USA) Recommendations for implementing the No Surprises Act (Brookings) – The Global Eye

(USA) Amazon’s union battle in Bessemer, Alabama is about dignity, racial justice, and the future of the American worker (Brookings) – The Global Eye

(USA) Six policies to boost employment for Black men (Brookings) – The Global Eye

(USA) Community-rooted economic inclusion (Brookings) – The Global Eye

(USA) The US wants to be carbon neutral by 2050. These 3 policies can make it possible (WEF) – The Global Eye

(USA) US increases dominance of global arms exports (Defense News) – The Global Eye

(USA) The legacy of Trump’s social media content policing (Brookings) – The Global Eye

(USA) Michigan wants to increase residents’ college enrollment, but student debt is holding them back (Brookings) – The Global Eye

(USA) Deb Haaland confirmed as first Indigenous US interior secretary (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(USA) Reviving earmarks the right way: Some advice for Congress (AEI) – The Global Eye

(USA) Unpacking the US CLEAN Future Act (World Resources Institute) – The Global Eye

(USA/Afghanistan) Biden says ‘tough’ to meet May 1 Afghanistan withdrawal deadline (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(USA/Asia) Domestic divisions leave blanks in US Asia policy (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

(USA/Asia) Asia and the United States after the election of President Biden (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

(USA/China) The US and China: Avoiding a meltdown (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(USA/China) Biden builds bridges to contend with Beijing (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

(USA/China/RCEP) US–China competition after RCEP (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

(USA/East Asia) Biden recalibrates Trump’s approach to East Asia (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

(USA/Honduras) US asks for life in prison for brother of Honduran president (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(USA/Iran) Biden’s CIA Director and Iran (BESA Center) – The Global Eye

(USA/Israel/Saudi Arabia/Iran) Biden Is Targeting Longstanding Alliances with Israel and Saudi Arabia to Curry Favor with Iran (BESA Center) – The Global Eye

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(Cities) Doubling down on city competitiveness for COVID-19 recovery (Brookings) – The Global Eye

(Cities) How city governments can help revitalise the multilateral system (ECFR) – The Global Eye

(Climate Action) Building a Greener, Fairer Future: The Role of Girls’ Education in Climate Action (Chatham House) – The Global Eye

(Climate Adaptation) Public International Funding of Nature-based Solutions for Adaptation: A Landscape Assessment (World Resources Institute) – The Global Eye

(Climate Change) Top cleantech R&D priorities to help tackle climate change (WEF) – The Global Eye

(Climate Change) How symbiosis can help industrial clusters reach net-zero (WEF) – The Global Eye

(Climate Change) The oceans need a break from us (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(Climate Change) A year into the pandemic: 3 things we’ve learnt about the planet (WEF) – The Global Eye

(Cybersecurity) How African states can improve their cybersecurity (Brookings) – The Global Eye

(Defense) Biden’s first defense budget expands mission without growing resources (AEI) – The Global Eye

(Defense) Relativity Space wins responsive launch contract (Defense News) – The Global Eye

(Defense) New US Army doctrine coming summer 2022 (Defense News) – The Global Eye

(Defense) Virginia lawmakers prepare to battle the Pentagon over a potential cut to the carrier fleet (Defense News) – The Global Eye

(Defense) Pentagon has new research center to link networks, communications (Defense News) – The Global Eye

(Defense) Britain’s ‘Dragonfire’ ship laser gun to get accuracy boost (Defense News) – The Global Eye

(Defense) US-EU cooperation pitch on military mobility gets positive response (Defense News) – The Global Eye

(Defense) Pakistan extends delayed T129 helo deal with Turkey — again (Defense News) – The Global Eye

(Defense) A bridge fund can’t solve the Pentagon’s emerging tech problem (Defense News) – The Global Eye

(Defense) Where does NATO fit into the global hypersonic contest? (Defense News) – The Global Eye

(Defense) Hypersonic and directed-energy weapons: Who has them, and who’s winning the race in the Asia-Pacific? (Defense News) – The Global Eye

(Defense) Chaos, cash and COVID-19: How the defense industry survived — and thrived — during the pandemic (Defense News) – The Global Eye

(Future of Work) This is how to future-proof your company, according to McKinsey (WEF) – The Global Eye

(Future of Work) WFH: How do deal with a year of accumulated burnout (WEF) – The Global Eye

(Future of Work) How does working from home impact productivity? (WEF) – The Global Eye

(Innovation/Technology) Coinbase pegs valuation at $68bn ahead of landmark listing (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(Innovation/Technology) Climate concerns to crime: Bitcoin’s dark side draws scrutiny (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(Innovation/Technology) Capdesk raises £5m Series A extension led by Fidelity International Strategic Ventures (TechCrunch) – The Global Eye

(Innovation/Technology) Dija acquires Cambridge-based Genie to expand its 10 minute grocery service across UK (TechCrunch) – The Global Eye

(Innovation/Technology) Whereby, which allows more collaboration over video calls, raises $12M from Point Nine and 20 Angels (TechCrunch) – The Global Eye

(Innovation/Technology) How localization leader Iyuno Media Group opens entertainment to international audiences (TechCrunch) – The Global Eye

(Innovation/Technology) On Friday the EU will put startup-friendly legislation to member states – will they sign up? (TechCrunch) – The Global Eye

(Innovation/Technology) Nigeria’s Plentywaka gets backing from Techstars, plans expansion to Canada (TechCrunch) – The Global Eye

(Innovation/Technology) Norrsken Foundation is closing on an oversubscribed impact venture fund at €125 million (TechCrunch) – The Global Eye

(Innovation/Technology) Uber says it will treat UK drivers as workers in wake of Supreme Court ruling (TechCrunch) – The Global Eye

(Innovation/Technology) Global Lighthouse Network: Reimagining Operations for Growth (WEF) – The Global Eye

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