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(Africa) Africa’s green bond market trails behind other regions (Brookings) – The Global Eye

(Africa) Navigating the “New Normal” for African Schools (Project-Syndicate) – The Global Eye

(China) China’s 2027 Goal Marks the PLA’s Centennial, Not an Expedited Military Modernization (The Jamestown Foundation) – The Global Eye

(China) Semiconductor Scandal A Concerning Backdrop to Xi’s Pursuit of “Core Technologies” (The Jamestown Foundation) – The Global Eye

(China) Will China weaponise its rare earth edge? (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

(China) China’s bold economic plans and modest targets (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

(China) Reducing rural-urban education gap through computer-assisted learning: Evidence from China (VOXEU) – The Global Eye

(China/CPTPP) The complexities of China’s CPTPP entry (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

(China/Pingtan Island) Potential Military Implications of Pingtan Island’s New Transportation Infrastructure (The Jamestown Foundation) – The Global Eye

(Eritrea) Can Eritrea’s Afwerki hold on to power after the Tigray war? (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(Europe/Russia) The EU and Russia: From High Hopes to Reality (BESA Center) – The Global Eye

(Germany) The Return of German Politics (Project-Syndicate) – The Global Eye

(Iran/China) Iran and China sign 25-year cooperation agreement (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(Israel) The Revolution Within the IDF (BESA Center) – The Global Eye

(Israel/ICC) Should Israel Cooperate with the ICC? (BESA Center) – The Global Eye

(Israel/ICC) Getting the Facts Straight on Palestinian Fatalities in the 2014 Hamas-Israel Confrontation (BESA Center) – The Global Eye

(Kashmir) Why are social media platforms silencing Kashmiri voices? (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(North Korea) ‘Business as Usual’: North Korea Restarts Ballistic Missile Tests (CSIS) – The Global Eye

(Pakistan) Pakistan’s Dual Counter-Terrorism Challenges: Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan’s Merger and Cross-Border Campaign from Afghanistan (The Jamestown Foundation) – The Global Eye

(Palestinian Authority) The Palestinian Authority’s Financial Support for Terrorism Circumvents U.S. and Israeli Law (JCPA) – The Global Eye

(Palestinian Election) The Planned Palestinian Election Is Really a Battle within Fatah (JCPA) – The Global Eye

(South Korea) Chaebol reforms are crucial for South Korea’s future (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

(South Korea/USA) Where does the South Korea–US alliance fit in a ‘free and open Indo-Pacific’? (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

(Syria) Syrian uprising 10-year anniversary: A political economy perspective (Syrian Observer, Brookings) – The Global Eye

(USA) A Grand Strategy of Democratic Solidarity (AEI) – The Global Eye

(USA) Could Biden’s coronavirus stimulus overheat the US economy? (AEI) – The Global Eye

(USA) Addressing the long-run fiscal gap will require difficult choices (AEI) – The Global Eye

(USA) If America is a failed state, is it failing upward? (AEI) – The Global Eye

(USA) Are federal disaster policies making the harmful impacts of climate change even worse? (Brookings) – The Global Eye

(USA) US immigration policy: A classic, unappreciated example of structural racism (Brookings) – The Global Eye

(USA) What Did the U.S. Military Learn in the First Year of the Pandemic? (CSIS) – The Global Eye

(USA/Africa) Getting It Right: U.S. Trade and Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa (CSIS) – The Global Eye

(USA/China) Google ex-CEO has a plan for US to stay ahead of China’s government-backed tech (Defense News) – The Global Eye

(USA/China) Malign or benign? China–US strategic competition under Biden (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

(USA/China) Dealing with a China that’s not like us (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

(USA/Indo-Pacific/Defence) A clear mantra for US defence strategy (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

(USA/Middle East) The Biden Administration on a WMD-Free Zone in the Middle East: Implications for Israel (INSS) – The Global Eye

(USA/North Korea) Will the US take a new approach to North Korea? (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(USA/North Korea/China) Biden’s great North Korea mistake: Pushing China to ‘solve the problem’ (The National Interest, AEI) – The Global Eye

(USA/Vietnam) Biden can address Vietnam’s currency valuation without Section 301 (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

(Yemen) Yemen’s Emerging Political Coalitions: A First Step Toward De-escalation? (The Jamestown Foundation) – The Global Eye


(Central Banks) New central banking calls for a European Credit Council (VOXEU) – The Global Eye

(Cybersecurity) 30 million Americans affected by the Astoria Company data breach (Security Affairs) – The Global Eye

(Cybersecurity) The surge of fake COVID-19 test results, vaccines and vaccination certificates on the Dark Web (Security Affairs) – The Global Eye

(Cybersecurity) Facebook took action against China-linked APT targeting Uyghur activists (Security Affairs) – The Global Eye

(Cybersecurity) 62,000 Microsoft Exchange Servers potentially left unpatched, weeks after software bugs were first uncovered (Security Affairs) – The Global Eye

(Cybersecurity) OpenSSL Project released 1.1.1k version to fix two High-severity flaws (Security Affairs) – The Global Eye

(Cybersecurity) FBI published a flash alert on Mamba Ransomware attacks (Security Affairs) – The Global Eye

(Cybersecurity) Solarwinds Orion Platform updates fix two remote code execution issues (Security Affairs) – The Global Eye

(Cybersecurity) Hades ransomware gang targets big organizations in the US (Security Affairs) – The Global Eye

(Cybersecurity) German Parliament Bundestag targeted again by Russia-linked hackers (Security Affairs) – The Global Eye

(Cybersecurity) Apple released out-of-band updates for a new Zero‑Day actively exploited (Security Affairs) – The Global Eye

(Cybersecurity) Experts spotted a new advanced Android spyware posing as “System Update” (Security Affairs) – The Global Eye

(Cybersecurity) Clop Ransomware gang now contacts victims’ customers to force victims into pay a ransom (Security Affairs) – The Global Eye

(Cybersecurity) US Gov Executive Order would oblige to disclose security breach impacting gov users (Security Affairs) – The Global Eye

(Cybersecurity) QNAP urges users to take action to protect devices against Brute-Force attacks (Security Affairs) – The Global Eye

(Cybersecurity) Hackers disrupted live broadcasts at Channel Nine. Is it a Russian retaliation? (Security Affairs) – The Global Eye

(Cybersecurity) Experts found two flaws in Facebook for WordPress Plugin (Security Affairs) – The Global Eye

(Development Economics) The Absent Voices of Development Economics (Project-Syndicate) – The Global Eye

(Education/Climate Change) Unleashing the creativity of teachers and students to combat climate change: An opportunity for global leadership (Brookings) – The Global Eye

(Innovation/Technology) What Silicon Valley could learn from China’s Q&A platform Zhihu (TechCrunch) – The Global Eye

(Innovation/Technology) Benitago Group raises $55M in combined debt and equity to buy and grow Amazon brands (TechCrunch) – The Global Eye

(Innovation/Technology) Headless commerce startup Swell raises $3.4M (TechCrunch) – The Global Eye

(Innovation/Technology) UIPath’s meteoric rise from unknown startup to $35B RPA jugger

(Innovation, Technology) Hub, a productivity platform for technical sales professionals, launches with $1M in funding (TechCrunch) – The Global Eye

(Innovation/Technology) Woven Capital kicks off portfolio with investment in autonomous delivery company Nuro (TechCrunch) – The Global Eye

(Innovation/Technology) Computer vision software has the potential to reinvent the way cities move (TechCrunch) – The Global Eye

(Innovation/Technology) Y Combinator-backed Vue Storefront aims to be the ‘glue’ for e-commerce (TechCrunch) – The Global Eye

(Innovation/Technology) Slack wants to be more than a text-based messaging platform (TechCrunch) – The Global Eye

(Innovation/Technology) One of Canada’s top investors, John Ruffolo, is back from the brink with a new $500 million fund (TechCrunch) – The Global Eye

(Innovation/Technology) The emerging markets e-commerce opportunity (Brookings) – The Global Eye

(Innovation/Technology) Podcast: Brendan Nyhan on extremist content on YouTube (Brookings) – The Global Eye

(Innovation/Technology) Jeff Bezos’ investment fund is backing a startup hoping to be the AWS for SMB accounting (TechCrunch) – The Global Eye

(Pandemic) Virus variants point to need to scale manufacturing (Al Jazeera) – The Global Eye

(Pandemic/Global Economy) The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on global industrial production (AEI) – The Global Eye

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