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Ecological Transition/Digital Transition/Emerging Technologies/Impact/Perspectives

Machines learn that Brussels writes the rules: The EU’s new AI regulation (Brookings) – The Global Eye

The Green Art of the Possible (Project-Syndicate) – The Global Eye

What happens when a coral reef dies? An expert explains (WEF) – The Global Eye

Glaciers, sea levels and climate change: What mass-melting means (WEF) – The Global Eye

Our homes are full of harmful microplastics. Here’s how to minimize the risk (WEF) – The Global Eye

Digital contact tracing apps help slow COVID-19. Here’s how to increase trust (WEF) – The Global Eye

How technology transformation can drive climate change action (WEF) – The Global Eye

International cooperation and the era of digital currency growth (WEF) – The Global Eye

How technology can help unbanked access e-commerce (WEF) – The Global Eye

Melting glaciers drove ‘21% of sea level rise’ over past two decades (WEF) – The Global Eye

Which green actions really reduce climate emissions? (WEF) – The Global Eye

How central banks are tackling climate change risks (WEF) – The Global Eye

11 ways to align global economic governance with a green new deal (WEF) – The Global Eye

Why businesses must drive the next evolution in global connectivity (WEF) – The Global Eye

Supply chains are on the cusp of a data-fed revolution. Here’s how businesses can succeed (WEF) – The Global Eye

What is sustainability accounting? What does ESG mean? We have answers (WEF) – The Global Eye

5 innovators making the electric vehicle battery more sustainable (WEF) – The Global Eye

3 ways Cambodia is using technology for good (WEF) – The Global Eye

What the EU is doing to foster human-centric AI (WEF) – The Global Eye

How to build public trust in a sustainable energy future (WEF) – The Global Eye

5 sustainable farming methods assessed (WEF) – The Global Eye

How to assess the multiple interacting risks of climate change (WEF) – The Global Eye

This small change to farming could reduce agriculture’s climate impact by 30% (WEF) – The Global Eye

Why renewables are the cornerstone of the global energy transition (WEF) – The Global Eye

How can policy allay farmers’ concerns around agricultural data access, sharing, and use? (World Bank blogs) – The Global Eye

Dematerialization, degrowth, and climate change agenda (World Bank blogs) – The Global Eye

Join the conversation on our new Climate Change Action Plan (The World Bank) – The Global Eye

There is No Climate Justice Without Racial Justice (World Resources Institute) – The Global Eye

How Local Data is Accelerating Land Restoration in Ethiopia (World Resources Institute) – The Global Eye

A Practical Framework for Aligning NDC Enhancement and COVID-19 Recovery: Detailed Transport Sector Approaches (World Resources Institute) – The Global Eye

A Practical Framework for Aligning NDC Enhancement and COVID-19 Recovery: Detailed Forest and Agriculture Sectoral Approaches (World Resources Institute) – The Global Eye

10 Questions to Ask About Planning, Financing and Implementing Transit Oriented Development Strategies (World Resources Institute) – The Global Eye

What the Clean Energy for America Act Gets Right — And How it Can Improve (World Resources Institute) – The Global Eye


The Siren Song of the Drone: Understanding the Factors Driving GCC Drone Acquisition (Al Jazeera Centre for Studies) – The Global Eye

How the US and EU can counter digital threats together (Atlantic Council) – The Global Eye

A plea to the Pentagon: Don’t sacrifice resilience on the altar of innovation (Atlantic Council) – The Global Eye

Artificial Intelligence and cybersecurity (CEPS) – The Global Eye

Germany’s Indo-Pacific frigate may send unclear message (Chatham House) – The Global Eye

Military drones in Europe (Chatham House) – The Global Eye

Al Qaeda después de Bin Laden: descentralización y adaptación (CIDOB) – The Global Eye

Can China’s commercial space sector achieve lift off? (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

The Coast Guard Law: China’s Readiness for a Maritime Military-Civil Fusion Strategy (JIIA) – The Global Eye

No Huawei in 5G is a start, No China in critical infrastructure should be next (ORF) – The Global Eye

10 years since Osama Bin Laden’s death, a new beginning (ORF) – The Global Eye

Sovereignty in a ‘datafied’ world: A framework for Indian diplomacy (ORF) – The Global Eye

The Iskander Saga Deepens Azerbaijani Mistrust of Russia (RUSI) – The Global Eye

Aman-21 Naval Exercise: Evidence of Pakistan Turning the Tide on Terrorism (RUSI) – The Global Eye

Innovation in Australia’s electricity sector holds lessons for Defence (The Strategist) – The Global Eye

Somebody might hear us: the future of secure communications (The Strategist) – The Global Eye

Cybersecurity is too big a job for governments or business to handle alone (WEF) – The Global Eye


Slovak President Čaputová on EU-US pandemic recovery, the green transition, and digital regulation (Atlantic Council) – The Global Eye

The urgent task before the US and EU: To craft democracy that ‘delivers’ (Atlantic Council) – The Global Eye

Pandemic divergence: A short note on COVID-19 and global income inequality (Brookings) – The Global Eye

The hacker, the tax haven, and what $200 million in offshore deposits can tell us about the fight against illicit wealth (Brookings) – The Global Eye

The future of liberal democracies: In conversation with William Hague and Hillary Clinton (Chatham House) – The Global Eye

International Financial Institutions’ Covid-19 Approvals through Q1 2021 Surpass $260 Billion (CSIS) – The Global Eye

The international economics of self-harm (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

A multilateral investment facilitation agreement can help advance development (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

Building resilient, sustainable and secure cities for a post-COVID-19 world (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

US Dollar Share of Global Foreign Exchange Reserves Drops to 25-Year Low (IMF blog) – The Global Eye

COVID-19: The Moms’ Emergency (IMF blog) – The Global Eye

Programmatic knowledge sharing on informed community decision-making and community-based data driven initiatives (ORF) – The Global Eye

Compulsory License under Patent and Competition Law to Ensure Vaccine Equity (ORF) – The Global Eye

The Varieties of Consumer Revival (Project-Syndicate) – The Global Eye

Machiavelli in the Ruins of Greensill Capital (Project-Syndicate) – The Global Eye

The Lurid Orientalism of Western Media (Project-Syndicate) – The Global Eye

Helping the Other 66% (Project-Syndicate) – The Global Eye

What Threatens Press Freedom Today? (Project-Syndicate) – The Global Eye

Organized Labor After COVID (Project-Syndicate) – The Global Eye

Pathways for productivity and growth after the COVID-19 crisis (VOXEU) – The Global Eye

This is what is needed to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (WEF) – The Global Eye

How we can secure oxygen for COVID-19 patients and beyond (WEF) – The Global Eye

COVID-19 has cost the world’s women $800 billion in lost income (WEF) – The Global Eye

Remote working: how can we enable employees to ‘disconnect’? (WEF) – The Global Eye

A green reboot for cities: Strategies for post-COVID growth (World Bank blogs) – The Global Eye

Funding Nemo: Can sustainability data boost private lending to farms? (World Bank blogs) – The Global Eye

Foreign investors cautiously see brighter skies ahead after pandemic shock (World Bank blogs) – The Global Eye

Building gender aware data systems is critical to create a level playing field for women and girls (World Bank blogs) – The Global Eye

The unacceptable and intolerable reality of corporal punishment of children and youth (World Bank blogs) – The Global Eye

Tourism in the post-COVID world: Three steps to build better forward (World Bank blogs) – The Global Eye


Africa – Illegal Wildlife Trade and Financial Investigations in West Africa (RUSI) – The Global Eye

Asia – Asia needs to push back against the lurch to self-reliance (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

Australia – State of mind: How Australians see the pandemic and efforts to help (The Interpreter) – The Global Eye

Australia/Antarctic – The Davis aerodrome and Australia’s leadership in the Antarctic (The Interpreter) – The Global Eye

Australia/China – Time to end China’s lease on the Port of Darwin (The Strategist) – The Global Eye

Australia/China – Australia keeps calm while China carries on (The Interpreter) – The Global Eye

China – Globalisation isn’t losing steam in China (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

China – Shanghai’s dynamic art scene (Brookings) – The Global Eye

China – How Will the Digital Renminbi Change China? (Project-Syndicate) – The Global Eye

China/USA – Here’s why China has gone on the offensive against Biden (Atlantic Council) – The Global Eye

China/USA/Europe – The Impossible Triangle: China, the US, and the EU (ORF) – The Global Eye

Cote d’Ivoire – Why are informal safety nets holding back women’s productivity in Côte d’Ivoire? (World Bank blogs) – The Global Eye

Europe – What will the EU look like post-pandemic? Ten challenges for a Europe in search of recovery (CIDOB) – The Global Eye

India – Bengal elections 2021: A factsheet (ORF) – The Global Eye ) – The Global Eye

India – 6 ways social entrepreneurs are saving lives during India’s COVID-19 crisis (WEF) – The Global Eye

India – Vaccine Maitri: Friendship gone wrong? (ORF) – The Global Eye

India – Charter City development model (ORF) – The Global Eye

India – India’s power illusion (The Interpreter) – The Global Eye

India – Action Plan for Handling the Covid-19 Threat-Second and Subsequent Waves (VIF) – The Global Eye

India – The Oxygen Crisis in Second Wave Covid-19 Pandemic in India and “We the People” (VIF) – The Global Eye

India – Overcoming the Pandemic: Some Suggestions (VIF) – The Global Eye

India – India’s Maoists: Utility of Counterinsurgency and Futility of Talks (VIF) – The Global Eye

India – Chronicle of a tragedy foretold (ORF) – The Global Eye

India – Institutional architecture for India’s development cooperation: A 2030 vision (ORF) – The Global Eye

India – Beyond government: Role of new actors in India’s development cooperation (ORF) – The Global Eye

India – India: Smoke and mirrors (The Interpreter) – The Global Eye

India/China – Geopolitical churn with lots of froth and foam (ORF) – The Global Eye

India/China/Russia/South Asia – Authoritarians seek advantage in India’s Covid crisis (The Interpreter) – The Global Eye

India/Myanmar – Assessing Tatmadaw’s intention and capabilities: What is next for the North-East insurgencies? (ORF) – The Global Eye

Iran – The Khatam al-Anbiya Camp and the Future of the Revolutionary Guards’ Empire (BESA Center) – The Global Eye

Iran – Iranian Official Admits Lying about Filling Arak Plutonium Reactor with Cement (JCPA) – The Global Eye

Iraq – Providing security in Iraq – what do Iraqis think? (DIIS) – The Global Eye

Iraq/United Nations – The prospects and limitations of United Nations election observation in Iraq (Brookings) – The Global Eye

Kazakhstan – Kazakhstan’s productivity quest: Unleashing financing for dynamic firms (World Bank blogs) – The Global Eye

Latin America – Twisted Democracies (Project-Syndicate) – The Global Eye

Libya – A Unified Government in Libya: Potential Regional Implications (INSS) – The Global Eye

Malawi – How conducting qualitative research can help improve development policies — 10 lessons from a study in Malawi (World Bank blogs) – The Global Eye

Middle East – Is the new Arab alliance too good to be true? (Chatham House) – The Global Eye

Myanmar – Myanmar’s Return to Tragic Past, Set for a Long Haul (VIF) – The Global Eye

Myanmar – Police officers who oppose the Myanmar military coup (DIIS) – The Global Eye

Myanmar/Russia – Moscow’s interests in Myanmar are fuelled by rivalry with the West (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

North Korea – Is North Korea expertise all talk? (The Interpreter) – The Global Eye

Pakistan – Tehreek-e-Labbaik (TLP) Protests in Pakistan (VIF) – The Global Eye

Pakistan/China – Pakistani Taliban turn on China (The Interpreter) – The Global Eye

Philippines – Philippines community pantries give help – and send a message (The Interpreter) – The Global Eye

Russia – Putin Pauses, but Russia’s Propensity for Trouble-Making Persists (The Jamestown Foundation) – The Global Eye

Russia/Crimea – Role of Airborne Troops in Russia’s Military Buildup in Crimea (The Jamestown Foundation) – The Global Eye

Russia/North Stream 2 – Estonian President Kaljulaid and US Senator Shaheen on challenges from Moscow and the future of Nord Stream 2 (Atlantic Council) – The Global Eye

Russia/Turkey – Russia and Turkey. Strategic Partners and Rivals (IFRI) – The Global Eye

Senkaku Diaoyu Islands/Japan/China – Japan’s Senkaku public awareness campaign at risk of backfiring (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

South Korea/Russia – South Korea’s diplomatic balancing act with Russia (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

Syria – Syrian Transitional Military Council: A ‘social media invention’ or much more? (Atlantic Council) – The Global Eye

Suez Canal – The Blocking of the Suez Canal: Lessons and Challenges (INSS) – The Global Eye

Tunisia – Regional inequalities in the Tunisian state (Chatham House) – The Global Eye

Turkey/USA – Turkey–US Relations: Where Now? (RUSI) – The Global Eye

Ukraine/Russia – One-on-One With Putin: A Reckless Adventure for Zelenskyy (Part Two) (The Jamestown Foundation) – The Global Eye

USA – What will Facebook’s ban mean for Donald Trump’s future? (Brookings) – The Global Eye

USA – Mothers are being left behind in the economic recovery from COVID-19 (Brookings) – The Global Eye

USA – The coming COVID-19 baby bust is here (Brookings) – The Global Eye

USA – Assessing the social and emotional costs of mass shootings with Twitter data (Brookings) – The Global Eye

USA – Turnout in 2020 election spiked among both Democratic and Republican voting groups, new census data shows (Brookings) – The Global Eye

USA – Designing a public option that would reduce health care provider prices (Brookings) – The Global Eye

USA – 34% of America’s small businesses are still closed due to COVID-19. Here’s why it matters (WEF) – The Global Eye

USA – America First, Biden-Style (Project-Syndicate) – The Global Eye

USA – Buy American . . . Again (CSIS) – The Global Eye

USA – Experts React: Biden’s First 100 Days (CSIS) – The Global Eye

USA – How big of a vaccine surplus will the US have? (Brookings) – The Global Eye

USA – How a Memphis medical district is connecting residents to living-wage jobs (Brookings) – The Global Eye

USA – Is the United States a racist country? (Brookings) – The Global Eye

USA – Is the US Economy Recovering or Overheating? (Project-Syndicate) – The Global Eye

USA – The Two Faces of American Foreign Policy (BESA Center) – The Global Eye

USA – President Biden’s commitment to diversity in the first 100 days (Brookings) – The Global Eye

USA – What to expect from the Biden administration on antitrust regulation and Big Tech (Brookings) – The Global Eye

USA/Afghanistan – Don’t expect an al-Qaida reboot in Afghanistan (Brookings) – The Global Eye

USA/Asia – Clear skies over Asia’s new foreign investment landscape (East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye

USA/Central America – U.S. Detention of Child Migrants (CFR) – The Global Eye

USA/China – Panic of Decline – Which Is the Revisionist Power, the US or China? (Valdai Discussion Club) – The Global Eye

USA/Europe/Germany – Hello, Berlin? Germany’s future raises foreign policy concerns for allies (Brookings) – The Global Eye

USA/North Korea – Biden’s North Korea plans come into view (The Interpreter) – The Global Eye

USA/North Korea – The rollout of the Biden administration’s North Korea policy review leaves unanswered questions (Brookings) – The Global Eye

USA/Russia – What’s the Point of the Latest U.S. Sanctions Against Russia? (Carnegie Moscow Center) – The Global Eye

USA/Turkey/Russia – What Does U.S. Recognition of the Armenian Genocide Mean for Turkey-Russia relations? (Carnegie Moscow Center) – The Global Eye

USA/USAID – Making COVID-19 aid effective by doubling down on USAID reforms (Brookings) – The Global Eye










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