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Vulnerabilità urbana: il caso Jakarta

Ne scrive il think tank East Asia Forum, a firma di Emma Colven.

Così nota l’Autrice: Flooding earlier this year in Jakarta, Southeast Asia’s largest city, provided a tragic reminder of the human costs of urban vulnerability. After embankments on the Citarum river broke, floodwaters reached up to 1.6 metres in some locations. Over 1700 people were evacuated by raft or waded to safety through dirty floodwaters, some carrying their small children. Five people lost their lives.

Better flood management can save Jakarta (

Europa, ASEAN e intelligenza artificiale

Vi è interesse in Asia rispetto alla regolamentazione europea sull’intelligenza artificiale. Sullo sfondo è la crescente rivalità sul tema tra USA e Cina.

Scrive Manoj Harjani per East Asia Forum: On 21 April 2021, the European Union announced draft legislation to harmonise its member states’ artificial intelligence (AI) rules. The legislation’s objectives are potentially desirable for many Southeast Asian countries, especially given the growing concern about the risks associated with AI and intensifying rivalry between China and the United States.

Is the EU’s AI legislation a good fit for ASEAN? | East Asia Forum

Un lato oscuro della sfera digitale: stablecoins

Un angolo oscuro della sfera digitale, poco compreso due anni fa, è ora soggetto a un controllo sempre più intenso da parte di banchieri centrali, regolatori e investitori.

Scrive Barry Eichengreen per Project-Syndicate: The debate over stablecoins has come a long way since Facebook announced the creation of Libra (now rebranded Diem) almost exactly two years ago.

The Stablecoin Illusion by Barry Eichengreen – Project Syndicate (

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