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Oggi, per “the science of where”, approfondiamo i Dangermond Fellows.

Alcuni temi dal diario di oggi:

– USA, l’importanza della realtà aumentata e della realtà virtuale per l’educazione;

– La Cina cresce nella robotica;

– Anche se le truppe americane non sono più in Afghanistan, la guerra al terrore non è finita;

– Difficoltà per l’intelligence USA in Afghanistan;

– Talebani e sanzioni finanziarie;

– L’Afghanistan dal punto di vista economico;

– Si consolida l’alleanza tra USA e Ucraina in funzione anti-russa;

– Cina e Corea del Sud dopo più di tre anni sembrano riprendere le relazioni militari;

– Malaysia, nuovo Primo Ministro e l’agenda dei diritti umani;

– Continua la violenza jihadista in Nigeria;

– La crisi idrica in Iraq;

– I prigionieri israeliani a Gaza;

– Lavoratori yemeniti in Arabia Saudita;

– Come si comporterà il nuovo Presidente iraniano ?;

– La strategia russa nel Mar Rosso;

– La pandemia e la polarizzazione politica in Europa

Buona lettura ! 


The Science of Where

 da Esri:

– Dangermond Fellows Making a Difference in Our World (Raquel Perez)

– Improvements to the USA Wildfires map’s Smoke Forecast (John Nelson, Jinnan Zhang)

– Analyzing Unstructured Text With ArcGIS Pro Intelligence and ArcGIS LocateXT James Jones, Avonlea Fotheringham)


TechInnovation e dintorni

da CSET:

– China’s Robotics Patent Landscape (Sara Abdulla)

– U.S. AI Summer Camps (Claire Perkins, Kayla Goode)

da ITIF:

– USA. The Promise of Immersive Learning: Augmented and Virtual Reality’s Potential in Education (Ellysse Dick)

da TechCrunch:

– A popular smart home security system can be remotely disarmed, researchers say (Zack Whittaker)

– LinkedIn is scrapping its Stories feature to work on short-form video (Amanda Silberling)

– CryptoPunks creator inks representation deal with major Hollywood talent agency (Taylor Hatmaker)

– Yandex buys out Uber’s stake in Yandex Self-Driving Group, Eats, Lavka and Delivery for $1B (Rebecca Bellan)

– Tribe and Arkam back Jar app to help millions in India start their savings journey (Manish Singh)

– Olsam raises $165M to buy up and scale consumer and B2B Amazon Marketplace sellers (Ingrid Lunden)

– Sanas aims to convert one accent to another in real time for smoother customer service calls (Devin Coldewey)

– VanMoof raises $128 million to become the world’s leading e-bike brand (Romain Dillet)

– Oviva grabs $80M for app-delivered healthy eating programs (Natasha Lomas)

– Trustshare runs escrow infrastructure as a service to facilitate online sales (Romain Dillet)


Nella cybersecurity

da Security Affairs (Pierluigi Paganini):

– LockBit ransomware operators leak 200GB of data belonging to Bangkok Airways


In difesa

da Defense News:

– USA/Ukraine. US commits to $60 million in aid to Ukraine before WH visit (Eric Tucker)

– USA. NSA awards $2 billion high-performance computing contract (Andrew Eversden)

– Europe. Top defense leaders kick off new phase for Europe’s next-gen fighter (Sebastian Sprenger)

da The Defense Post:

– USA. US Space Force Missile Warning System Passes Design Review

– Russia. Russia to Boost Firepower of Aging T-80 Tank (Joe Saballa)

– Turkey. Turkish Military Adds Locally-Produced Armed ‘Akinci’ Drone to Its Fleet (Hercules Reyes)

– China/South Korea. China, South Korea Military Relations ‘Restored’: Report (Hercules Reyes)

– UK/Afghanistan. UK Asked to Include Afghan Special Forces in British Army


Spazio chiama Terra

da Space News:

– NASA has no plans to exchange lunar samples with China (Jeff Foust)

– Liquid nitrogen shortage delays Landsat 9 launch (Jeff Foust)

– Aerospace Corp. CEO sees winds of change in space procurement (Sandra Erwin)

– Space agencies support space traffic management but differ on how it should be developed (Jeff Foust)

– SpaceX says Amazon’s call to dismiss Starlink amendment is a delay tactic (Jason Rainbow)

– House Armed Services Committee approves Space National Guard, challenges DoD on space programs (Sandra Erwin)

– DLR opens applications for free launch services aboard Isar Aerospace demo missions (Andrew Parsonson)

– China is developing its own Mars helicopter (Andrew Jones)

– Powering sustainability: Satellite propulsion underpins orbital stewardship (Jason Rainbow)


Viaggio nei mondi e nelle questioni globali

da Atlantic Council:

– Afghanistan/USA. US intel is now flying blind in Afghanistan (Jennifer Counter)

da BESA Center:

– Iraq. The Water Shortage Crisis in Iraq (Bahrooz Jaafar)

da Defense One:

– USA/Ukraine. Biden Will Announce $60M Security Aid to Ukraine To Counter Russia (Jacqueline Feldscher)

– USA. The War on Terror—in Afghanistan and Elsewhere—Is Far from Over, Biden Says (Jacqueline Feldscher)

– Afghanistan/USA. The Two Blows America Is Dealing to the Taliban (David Frum)

da ECFR:

– Europe. Europe’s invisible divides: How covid-19 is polarising European politics (Ivan Krastev, Mark Leonard)

da HRW:

– Chechnya. No End to Chechnya’s Violent Anti-Gay Campaign (Tanya Lokshina, Kyle Knight)

– Malaysia. New Prime Minister Needs New Rights Agenda

– USA. US Court Ruling Furthers South Dakota Tribe’s Right to Health (Matt McConnell)

– USA. US Congress: Sufficiently Fund Public Housing

– Saudi Arabia. Yemeni Workers at Risk of Mass Forced Returns

da JCPA:

– Israel. To Secretary of State Blinken: Repatriating Israeli Captives Is a Basic Humanitarian Right under International Conventions (Alan Baker)

da ORF:

– BRICS Academic Forum Report (H. H. S. Viswanathan, Akshay Mathur)

– India. Commission for air quality management in National Capital Region (Bhayva Pandey)

– Iran/USA. Ebrahim Raisi has delayed revival of nuclear deal (Anchal Vohra)

– Maldives/India/China. Maldives: India-funded sea bridge project has an ambitious deadline (N Saathiya Moorthy)

– Afghanistan. A strategic and tactical battle between the Taliban and Islamic State Khorasan Province (Kabir Taneja)

– Minilateralism. Weighing the Prospects for Cooperation and Governance (Aarshi Tirkey)

– Nepal. PM Deuba facing Himalayan challenges in Nepal (Hari Bansh Jha)

da Project-Syndicate:

– Europe. Europe’s New Refugee Crisis (Sławomir Sierakowski)

– Ecocide. Prosecuting Ecocide (Kate Mackintosh, Jojo Mehta, Richard Rogers)

– Afghanistan. The Economic Roots of the Afghan Debacle (Daniel Gros)

– Africa Must Produce Its Own Vaccines (Landry Signé)

da RUSI:

– Afghanistan. Now for the Hard Part: The Taliban Face Financial Headwinds (Tom Keatinge)

– Russia/Red Sea. Russia’s Red Sea Strategy (Neil Melvin)

– UK. Securing Support Advantage: The Transformation of Defence Support (Air Commodore (Ret’d) Andrew Curtis OBE)

da The Defense Post:

– Nigeria. 17 People Killed in Nigeria Jihadist Attacks




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