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Alcuni temi dal diario di oggi:

– Le banche centrali di Singapore, Australia, Malaysia e South Africa collaborano per una piattaforma comune per la gestione dei pagamenti digitali transfrontalieri (ZDNet)

– Attività nucleari in Corea del Nord (SIPRI)

– Cosa possono fare gli USA in Afghanistan ? (Atlantic Council)

– Cina, apertura economica per gli obiettivi interni (East Asia Forum)

– Una nuova borsa valori a Pechino (Global Times)

– La partnership tra Cina e Tanzania (IFRI)

– Il budget militare giapponese visto dalla Cina (Global Times)

– Hong Kong e RCEP (East Asia Forum)

– FBI sostiene che la Cina intimidisca anche digitalmente gli Uighuri residenti negli USA (TechCrunch)

– Continuano i morti nello Yemen (The Defense Post)

– Il cambiamento climatico in Artico (Arctic Institute)

Buona lettura ! 

The Science of Where

da Esri:

 Work offline with Field Maps (Josh Clifford, D’Maia Curry)

– Steal this ArcGIS Pro sunrise hack, please (John Nelson)


TechInnovation e dintorni

Global Times:

– China. China deploys the world’s largest 5G network, rolling out 993,000 stations: FM


– Europe. Europe’s top court slaps down ‘zero rating’ again (Natasha Lomas)

– Botify raises $55 million to optimize search engine indexing (Romain Dillet)

– Shepherd raises $6.2M seed round to tackle the construction insurance market (Alex Wilhelm)

– Nikola and Bosch ink deal for hydrogen fuel cell modules (Aria Alamalhodaei)

– Roli is rebooting as Luminary, following financial struggles (Brian Heater)

– Online learning platform CLASS101 bags $26M Series B to support growth (Kate Park)

– BMW Group’s Neue Klasse lineup to focus on circular economy to achieve reduction in CO2 emissions (Rebecca Bellan)

– Bangkok-based insurtech Sunday banks $45M Series B from investors like Tencent (Catherine Shu)


– Singapore/Australia/Malaysia/South Africa. Singapore, Australia amongst four central banks to test cross-border digital payments platform (Eileen Yu)

– Singapore/South Korea. Hyundai, Singapore university to run AI research in electric vehicle manufacturing (Elleen Yu)


Nella cybersecurity

Security Affairs (Pierluigi Paganini):

– Watch out, ransomware attack risk increases on holidays and weekends, FBI and CISA

– SEC announces sanctions against entities over email account hacking

– QNAP will patche OpenSSL flaws in its NAS devices

– Mozi infections will slightly decrease but it will stay alive for some time to come

– Google paid over $130K in bounty rewards for the issues addressed with the release of Chrome 93


– WhatsApp patches vulnerability related to image filter functionality (Jonathan Greig)

– Earnings transcripts mention ‘cybersecurity’ 33% more in H1: report (Jonathan Greig,)


In difesa

Analisi Difesa:

– Rinnovata per un altro anno la missione ONU in Libano

– Leonardo: al via la produzione di serie del nuovo sistema di allarme per velivoli

– Canada. Il Canada sceglie il radar Leonardo Osprey per il programma NASP

Defense News:

– USA. Defense spending increase, Afghanistan withdrawal dominate debate over defense policy measure (Joe Gould and Leo Shane III)

– Europe. Four industry teams gird for British support-ship competition

– USA. Georgia cyber incubator tries to stoke military innovation (Mark Pomerleau)

Space News:

– USA. GAO continues to criticize DoD’s management of narrowband satellite communications (Sandra Erwin)

– USA. Virgin Orbit eyes growth in military ‘responsive’ launch (Sandra Erwin)

The Defense Post:

– Latvia/Finland. Latvia Orders 200+ 6×6 Armored Vehicles From Finnish Company (Hercules Reyes)

– Sweden. Saab to Showcase Next-Gen Combat Boat 90 at DSEI 2021 (Joe Saballa)

– USA. US Army Airborne Tests New, Faster Infantry Vehicle (Inger Singh Bisht)

– Russia. Russia Unveils Autonomous Anti-Sniping Device (Inder Singh Bischt)


Spazio chiama Terra

Analisi Difesa:

– Thales Alenia Space crea un Centro digitale di eccellenza in Lussemburgo


– Space. Meteosat Third Generation takes major step towards its first launch

Space News:

– FAA grounds SpaceShipTwo after problem on July flight (Jeff Foust)

– Rocket Lab expands spacecraft component production (Jeff Foust)

– Redwire completes SPAC merger (Jeff Foust)

– OneWeb secures $1 billion insurance deal for remaining constellation (Jason Rainbow)


Viaggio nei mondi e nelle questioni globali

Arctic Institute:

– Canadian Arctic. Collaborative Approaches for Wild Plants and Harvests in Whitehorse (Kelly Panchyshyn)

– Canadian Arctic. Deregulate and Empower Indigenous Language Teachers (Killulark Arngna’naaq)

– Arctic. Holding Hope and Grieving Loss in the New Normal of Arctic Climate Change (Victoria Herrmann)

Atlantic Council:

– Afghanistan/USA. How to avoid another state-building failure after Afghanistan (Frank Ruggiero)

– Ukraine/USA. Ukraine’s president finally gets a White House visit (John E. Herbst, Melinda Haring, Oleh Shamshur)


– USA. A new federal grant should make regional leaders rethink their industry clusters (Brad McDearman, Joseph Parilla, and Ryan Donahue)

– USA. Student reassignments achieve diversity without academic adversity (Thurston Domina, Deven Carlson, James Carter III, Matthew Lenard, Andrew McEachin, and Rachel Perera)

– USA. A hot labor market won’t eliminate racial and ethnic unemployment gaps (Stephanie Aaronson, Mitchell Barnes, and Wendy Edelberg)

– USA. The new Thrifty Food Plan re-evaluates a 50-plus-year-old design and low-income kids will benefit (Kristin F. Butcher)

Chatham House:

– Nigeria. Pass-mark bribery in Nigerian schools (Leena Koni Hoffmann, Raj Navanit Patel)

Defense One:

– Afghanistan/USA. Marine Corps Commandant Wants Review of Afghanistan Evacuation (Caitlin M. Kenney)

– USA/Afghanistan. Lawmakers Load Defense Bill With Measures Demanding Answers for Afghanistan’s Fall—and Its Future (Jacqueline Feldscher)

– USA/Taliban/ISIS-K. ‘It’s Possible’ US and Taliban Will Target ISIS-K Together, Milley Says (Tara Copp)

East Asia Forum:

– China. Explaining the globalist dimensions of Chinese nationalism (Zeying Wu, Boston University)

– Hong Kong/RCEP. The case for Hong Kong joining RCEP (Julien Chaisse)

– India. No exceptions to India’s democratic decline in Jammu and Kashmir (Sten Widmalm)

– China. State capitalism and China’s corporate pecking order (Martin Miszerak)

Global Times:

– Europe/Taiwan/China. Chinese mission strongly opposes EU report on elevating ‘political relations’ with island of Taiwan

– Japan. Japan’s substantial military budget expansion caters to US request, to meet with China’s retaliation once involving Taiwan island (Liu Caiyu)

– China. Alibaba to invest $15.48b by 2025 to support common prosperity goal (Xie Jun and Chi Jingyi)

– China. China to set up a stock exchange in Beijing in major strategic move to bolster capital market (Global Times) – The Global Eye


– Australia. Prisoners Denied Vaccine Access

– Egypt. Al-Sisi Is Leaving the Sick to Suffer in Egypt’s Prisons (Amr Magdi)


– China/Tanzania. From Friends to Partners? The Changing Nature of Sino-Tanzanian Relations (Muhidin Shangwe)

– France/Germany/Europe. The State of Franco-German Relations and European Foreign Policy (Paul Maurice, Ronja Kempin)


– North Korea. Implications of the reported new activity at North Korea’s Yongbyon nuclear complex (Robert E. Kelley)


– USA/China. FBI says Chinese authorities are hacking US-based Uyghurs (Carly Page)

The Defense Post:

– Nigeria. Nigeria Gunmen Kidnap 73 Students From High School in Northwest

– Yemen. 65 Dead in Renewed Fighting for Yemen’s Marib: Military




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