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Alcuni temi dal diario di oggi:

– Intelligenza artificiale e small data (CSET)

– Il giornalismo nell’era digitale (CIGI)

– Uso della tecnologia nei contesti umanitari (DIIS)

– Il problema delle asimmetrie globali (Bruegel)

– Chi sono i campioni della crypto economy ? (ZDNet)

– Dentro la politica giapponese (Brookings – ORF – IISS)

– L’India e la e-mobility transition (ORF)

– Cooperazione economica e commerciale tra Cina e Germania (Global Times)

– L’importanza del commercio tra Cina e Africa (Global Times)

– Europa e Asia: modelli di integrazione economica a confronto (ADBI)

– Afghanistan, il controllo è più difficile della vittoria (Chatham House)

– Le conseguenze per USA e alleati del fallimento in Afghanistan (Chatham House)

– L’Afghanistan dei Talebani e la stabilità in Asia Centrale (Carnegie Moscow Center)

– Il futuro delle donne afghane con i Talebani (East Asia Forum)

– USA e Russia: meglio dialogare (Valdai Discussion Club)

Buona lettura! 


The Science of Where


– Big globe, small world (John Nelson)

– Esri Public Safety GIS Webinar Series

– Climate Change Solutions | Climate Action Plans Using GIS

– Sustainable Business: A Conversation with Jeffrey Sachs

– How to Change the Way We Talk about Climate Change

– Climate Change: Science, Solutions, Hope

– Sustainable Forestry Meets the Bottom Line at Ingka Investments

Esri Italia:

– Speciale Esri User Conference 2021 in diretta dall’Italia

– Esri Italia alla Urban Mobility Web Conference (16 settembre 2021)

– Esri Italia a Servizi a rete Tour 2021 (22 e 23 settembre 2021)

– La tecnologia Esri per i danni degli incendi in Sardegna


TechInnovation e dintorni


– Indonesia. The COVID-19 Pandemic and Indonesia’s Fintech Markets (Sugandi Eric Alexander)

– China. Less Cash, Less Theft? Evidence from Fintech Development in the People’s Republic of China (Jiang Hongze, Liang Pinghan)


– Can national statistical offices shape the data revolution? (Juan Daniel, Katharina Fenz, François Fonteneau, and Simon Riedl)


– Artificial Intelligence/Small Data. Small Data’s Big AI Potential (Husanjot Chahal, Helen Toner, Ilya Rahkovsky)


– Technology/Humanitarian Settings. Risks of technology use in humanitarian settings: Avoiding harm, delivering impact (Adam Moe Fejerskov, Maria-Louise Clausen and Sarah Seddig)


– For VCs, the game right now is musical chairs (Connie Loizos)

– Zip acquisition of Payflex means Africa is ripe for BNPL disruption (Tage Kene-Okafor)

– SimpliFed serves up $500,000 pre-seed toward infant nutrition support (Christine Hall)

– Customer experience startup Clootrack raises $4M, helps brands see through their customers’ eyes (Christine Hall)

– Barbershop technology startup theCut sharpens its platform with new $4.5M round (Christine Hall)

– Apple delays plans to roll out CSAM detection in iOS 15 after privacy backlash (Zack Whittaker)

– Australia’s TechnologyOne acquires UK-based higher-ed platform Scientia for $16.6M (Mike Butcher)

– Playbyte’s new app aims to become the ‘TikTok for games’ (Sarah Perez)

– Instagram may not be a photo-sharing app anymore, but Glass is (Amanda Silberling)

– NYC-based insurance underwriting platform Kalepa raises $14M Series A led by Inspired Capital (Mike Butcher)

– Rivian’s electric R1T pickup truck, R1S SUV get their official EPA ranges (Kirsten Korosec)

– Talking shop with Twitter’s recent head of corp dev — and now VC — Seksom Suriyapa (Connie Loizos)


Nella cybersecurity

Security Affairs (Pierluigi Paganini):

– Source code for the Babuk is available on a hacking forum

– Apple will delay the rollout of new child pornography protection tools

– SEC warns of investment scams related to Hurricane Ida

– Major IPS in New Zealand hit by massive DDoS, Internet outages reported

– WhatsApp fined €225M over GDPR issues

– Pacific City Bank hit by AVOS Locker Ransomware


In difesa

Defense News:

– USA. Military cyber software developers fix weaknesses, create mission tools faster (Mark Pomerleau)

– Italy. Italian police raid drone maker over alleged Chinese takeover (Tom Kington)

– USA. A responsive launch capability will deter enemies, boost national security (Robert Cardillo)

– USA. Pentagon restarts 16 advisory boards after 7-month pause (Lolita Baldor, Defense News)

– Russia. Private companies at ‘Army 2021’ forum strive for survival as Russian military orders shrink (Alexander Bratersky)

– USA. Third Zumwalt stealth destroyer completes builder’s trials in Maine (Megan Eckstein)

– USA. Raytheon’s precision landing system could be coming to more allied ships, expeditionary airfields soon (Megan Eckstein)

– USA. Army researchers seek to provide more data to soldiers through two projects (Andrew Eversden)

– USA. The Air Force is fighting in-flight physiological issues but can’t end them, Pentagon watchdog says (Rachel Cohen)

Defense One:

– USA. US Marines Must Relearn to Protect Pacific Supply Lines, Commandant Says (Caitlin M. Kenney)

– USA. Marines Ground All New Amphibious Vehicles (Caitlin M. Kenney)

– USA. This May Be First Step In Curing PTSD With A Pill (Patrick Tucker)


– Russia. Armiya 2021: tactical developments in Russia’s guided-weapons sector (Douglas Barrie)

– Middle East. Cruise missiles in the Middle East

Space News:

– USA. While satellites are cool, military space networks must focus on interoperability (Craig Miller


Spazio chiama Terra


– ESA Council agrees resolution on Ariane 6 and Vega-C exploitation and future space transportation


Viaggio nei mondi e nelle questioni globali


– Southeast Asia. Supporting the creative economy for sustainable development in Southeast Asia (Pitchaya Sirivunnabood and Herlyn Gail A. Alegre)

– Asia/Europe. Economic Integration in Asia and Europe: Lessons and Policies

– Nepal. Gendered Analysis of Food Security Gaps in Rural Nepal (Aryal Jeetendra P., Rahut Dil B., Gartaula Hom N.)

Atlantic Council:

– Europe. Germany’s defense minister: Only political will can protect Europe (Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer)


– Japan. Suga steps down: Japanese politics in the pandemic era (Mireya Solís)

– Sub-Saharan Africa. COVID-19 impacts on foreign direct investments in sub-Saharan Africa (Tamara White)

BESA Center:

– Afghanistan/Saudi Arabia/Iran. Afghanistan May Be a Bellwether for Saudi-Iranian Rivalry

– Turkey. Disasters Expose Erdoğan’s Paper Tiger Sultanate (Burak Bekdil)


– Global Asymmetries. Global asymmetries strike back (Jean Pisani-Ferry)

Chatham House:

– Afghanistan/USA/UK/NATO/Europe. Facing reality is painful for the US and its allies

– USA/Syria/Middle East. Middle East prepares for the US to exit Syria (Neil Quilliam)

– Afghanistan. With Afghanistan, control is much harder than victory (Gareth Price)

– Iraq. Iraqis protest is symptom of embedded corruption (Renad Mansour)


– Journalism/Digital Era. In the Digital Era, Journalism Should Be Considered a Public Good (Victor Pickard)


Afghanistan. A new regional “great game” in and around Afghanistan ? (David Criekemans)


– Russia. Militarism and patriotism in Russia – the culture behind the military firepower (Flemming Splidsboel Hansen)

– Development/Climate Change. Nature-based solutions to development and climate change challenges (Marie Ladekjær Gravesen and Mikkel Funder)

– Africa. Fencing and de-fencing East Africa’s grasslands (Mette Løvschal and Marie Ladekjær Gravesen)

– South Africa. Dilemmas at the frontline of South Africa’s energy transition (Mikkel Funder, Holle Wlokas, Tasneem Jhetam and Karen Holm Olsen)

East Asia Forum:

– Fiji/Pacific. Fiji’s balancing act on foreign interests in the Pacific (Denghua Zhang, Shivani)

– Afghanistan. No good future for Afghan women under the Taliban (Sanchita Bhattacharya)

– Australia/India. Realising an ‘early harvest’ for Australia–India trade (Dipen Rughani and Natasha Jha Bhaskar)

– Japan/China/Taiwan. Japan leans forward on China–Taiwan tensions (Sheila A Smith)

– USA/Japan/Taiwan. The Taiwan factor in US–Japan alliance relations (Editorial Board, ANU)

Global Times:

– China/Germany. China, Germany share common economic interests: official

– China. Alibaba, Tencent listed among top 10 anti-trust violations in 2020

– China. SMIC unveils $8.87 billion capacity plan, eyes opportunities amid global shortage

– China/Africa. China-Africa trade hits record high of $139.1 billion from January to July: MOFCOM


– Education/Conflict Areas. Improving Access to Education for Marginalised Girls in Conflict Areas (Gauthier Marchais, Sweta Gupta, Cyril Brandt)


– Eastern Mediterranean/France/Germany. Conflicts in the EastMed: From Germany’s and France’s Conflicting Strategies to a Dual Approach (Laura Lale Kabis-Kechrid)


– Suga’s premiership: a short-lived but packed administration (Robert Ward)


– Hamas/Israel. Hamas has its Own Logic. What is Israel’s Logic? (Udi Dekel)


– Israel/Palestine. Why Did the PA’s Mahmoud Abbas Meet with Defense Minister Benny Gantz? (Pinhas Inbari)

– Taliban/Palestine/Middle East. The Taliban’s Palestinian Partners: Implications for the Middle East Peace Process (Dan Diker, Khaled Abu Toameh)

– Iran/Taliban. Iran and the Taliban: Bitter Enemies or Potential Partners (Amb. Dore Gold)

– Iran. Iran’s New Government: An Assertive Regional Policy and a Firm Stance toward the West (Lt. Col. (ret.) Michael Segall)


– India. How Indian youth view the tech competition (Samyak Rai Leekha)

– Japan. Suga Steps Down: What Next For Japan? (Shashank Mattoo)

– India. Lessons from India: Moving beyond just optics for a ‘just’ e-mobility transition (Sarthak Shukla)

– BRI. The pandemic-induced BRI: Then, now and what next? (Soumya Bhowmick)

– Afghanistan. A call for leadership? (Ritu Mathur)

– Sri Lanka. What do the food and forex crises hold for Sri Lanka? (N Sathiya Moorthy)


– USA. America’s Return to Realism – Eric Posner

– Geostrategic Competition. The Afghan Tragedy and the Age of Unpeace (Mark Leonard)

Valdai Discussion Club:

– USA/Russia. US-Russia Strategic Stability Dialogue: Why It’s Good to Talk (Andrew Futter)

– Afghanistan/Greater Eurasia. The Fall of Kabul and the Balance of Power in Greater Eurasia (Timofei Bordachev)

– Afghanistan/Central Asia. Do the Taliban Pose a Threat to Stability in Central Asia? (Temur Umarov)

World Bank blogs:

– MENA. COVID-19 inequities in MENA: How data and evidence can help us do better (Johannes Hoogeveen, Bilal Malaeb, Lokendra Phadera)


– Crypto Economy. Global crypto ranking: Which countries influence the crypto economy? (Eileen Brown)



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