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Alcuni temi dal diario di oggi:

– Gli effetti a lungo termine dell’ 11 settembre sulla politica americana in Medio Oriente (Brookings)

– L’impatto dell’11 settembre sulle relazioni tra USA e Russia (Brookings)

– Al Qaida e Israele vent’anni dopo (Brookings)

– Il diritto all’acqua negli USA (HRW)

– Le città americane e la crescita dell’intelligenza artificiale (Brookings)

– La dottrina Biden vista da Mosca (Carnegie Moscow Center)

– Verso la Greater Eurasian Partnership (Valdai Discussion Club)

– La Cina geostrategica (ITIF)

– Iran e Talebani: quale futuro ? (Valdai Discussion Club – BESA Center)

– Dallo spazio all’agricoltura di precisione. Una iniziativa di UNOOSA, ESA, NASA, ISRO (UNOOSA)

– Norme globali e consenso multilaterale per il futuro dello spazio (Space News)


Webinar dai think tanks: 

Center for Data Innovation:

– How To Foster Digital Identity In Europe (16 settembre 2021)


– Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanisms and Climate-Tech Innovation: A Happy Coupling? (21 settembre 2021)

– Pursuing an ITA-3 to Bolster Global Economic Growth and Opportunity (7 ottobre 2021)

– The Augmented and Virtual Reality Policy Conference (21 ottobre 2021)


– US, Afghanistan, 9/11: Finished or Unfinished Business? (14 settembre 2021)

Buona lettura ! 


The Science of Where


– What’s new in ArcGIS StoryMaps (September 2021) (Owen Evans)

– ArcGIS Indoors and Facility Management Systems (Silvia Pichler)

– What a Big Data Approach and Geospatial Tools Reveal about Human Mobility (Greg Milner)

Esri Italia:

– Osservatorio Metropolitano – ciclo di incontri sulla qualità urbana (dal 14 settembre 2021)

– Esri Italia alla Conferenza internazionale sul Telerilevamento (13-15 settermbre 2021)

– Esri Italia partner di un corso per Mobility Manager (ottobre 2021)

– Esri Italia alla Urban Mobility Web Conference (16 settembre 2021)

– Esri Italia a Servizi a rete Tour 2021 (22 e 23 settembre 2021)

– La tecnologia Esri per i danni degli incendi in Sardegna

– Speciale Esri User Conference 2021 in diretta dall’Italia


TechInnovation e dintorni


– Inside U.S. Industrial Policy and Operation Warp Speed, With David Adler


– Owl Ventures and Harvard Management Company back India’s study abroad platform Leap in $55 million round (Manish Singh)

– Nigeria’s Prospa gets $3.8M pre-seed to offer small businesses banking and software services (Tage Kene-Okafor)

– PayPal acquires Japan’s Paidy for $2.7B to crack the buy-now, pay-later market in Asia (Kate Park)

– Egyptian fintech MNT-Halan lands $120M from Apis Partners, DisrupTech and others (Tage Kene-Okafor)

– Beauty Pie, an online buyers’ club, picks up $100M to boost its beauty and wellness business (Ingrid Lunden)

– Amazon’s cashierless ‘Just Walk Out’ tech is coming to Whole Foods stores (Steve Dent)

– Addi raises $75M to advance ‘buy now, pay later’ in LatAm, nearly triples valuation (Mary Ann Azevedo)

– Google Workspace opens up spaces for all users (Christine Hall)

– UnitQ raises $30M in Accel-led round to help companies improve product quality (Mary Ann Azevedo)

– New leAD Sports & Health, Tavistock Group fund comes as sport tech market poised for double-digit growth (Christine Hall)


Nella cybersecurity


– America’s anti-hacking laws pose a risk to national security (Riana Pfefferkorn)

Security Affairs (Pierluigi Paganini):

– ProtonMail logged IP address of French activist after foreign request approved by Swiss authorities

– Ragnar Locker gang threatens to leak data if victim contacts law enforcement

– A server of the Jenkins project hacked by exploiting a Confluence flaw

– Researcher published PoC exploit for Ghostscript zero-day

– REvil ransomware gang’s servers are mysteriously online again

– Germany protests to Russia over attacks ahead of the upcoming election


In difesa

Defense News:

– Major London arms fair proceeds amid COVID fears, Afghanistan shock (Andrew Chuter)

– Rafael aims to supply Spike LR2 missiles to Serbia, Poland (Jaroslaw Adamowski)

– New war-gaming center to speed up weapon deliveries to US Marines (Megan Eckstein)

– Israel receives fourth and final Sa’ar 6 warship from Germany (Seth Frantzman, Defense News) – The Global Eye

– Raytheon offers SkyCeptor, Polish industry cooperation for air defense deal (Jaroslaw Adamowski)

– (USA) Military cyber software developers fix weaknesses, create mission tools faster (Mark Pomerleau)


Spazio chiama Terra

Defense News:

– Lockheed, Northrop invest in a startup that wants to refuel satellites in space (Valerie Insinna)

– (USA) Government watchdog: Lack of user equipment holds back military’s narrowband satellite capabilities (Nathan Strout)


– Targeted launch date for Webb: 18 December 2021


– Rocket Flight to Sharpen NASA’s Study of the Sun

– NASA, SpaceX Continue Planning for Next Crew Rotation Missions to International Space Station (Danielle Sempsrott)

– NASA’s Perseverance Rover Collects First Mars Rock Sample

– Trans-Sonic Truss-Braced Wing May Help Reduce Fuel Consumption

Space News:

– Satellite operators see acquisition opportunities (Jeff Foust)

– Kymeta announces successful OneWeb antenna tests (Jason Rainbow)

– DoD a challenging customer for fast-moving satellite broadband industry (Sandra Erwin)

– Launch providers argue against a “magic number” for price to orbit (Jeff Foust)

– UN space office seeks consensus on space traffic management (Debra Werner)

– Starbridge raises $12M in fresh capital for application-focused space startups (Brian Berger)

– Inmarsat Q&A: Orchestrating a new multi-orbit broadband constellation (Jason Rainbow)

– Exotrail to provide thrust for York cislunar mission (Debra Werner)

– Bradford’s Comet production moves to Luxembourg (Debra Werner)

– Space Force awards ManTech $476 million contract for launch systems engineering services (Sandra Erwin)

– DARPA awards Lockheed Martin $25 million contract modification for integration of Blackjack satellites (Sandra Erwin)


– Earth Observation Trainings for Agriculture


Viaggio nei mondi e nelle questioni globali

Atlantic Council:

– ASEAN’s COVID spike (Niels Graham, Josh Lipsky)

BESA Center:

– Iran/Afghanistan. Iran and the Taliban (Erfan Fard)

– Russia. Putin’s Anti-Navalny Law (Dr. Jiri and Leni Valenta)


– USA. Cities are taking it slow with American Rescue Plan funds (Alan Berube and Eli Byerly-Duke)

– Special Drawing Rights. Debt service risks, Special Drawing Rights allocations, and development prospects (Homi Kharas and Meagan Dooley)

– USA/Middle East. Reflections on the long-term repercussions of September 11 for US policy in the Middle East (Itamar Rabinovich)

– USA. Why is blue-collar work still male-dominated? (Alice Evans)

– USA/Taiwan/Asia. America’s intensifying focus on Asia opens opportunities for strengthening US-Taiwan relations (Ryan Hass)

– USA/Russia. The impact of September 11 on US-Russian relations (Angela Stent)

– USA/Cities/Artificial Intelligence. TechTank Podcast Episode 27: Which U.S. Cities Are Poised for AI Growth? (Darrell M. West)

– Climate Change. Our last, best chance on climate (Amar Bhattacharya and Nicholas Stern)

– Al Qaida/Israel. The Tel Aviv plot (Bruce Riedel)

– USA/China. On the persistence of the China shock (David Autor, David Dorn, and Gordon Hanson)

Carnegie Moscow Center:

– Russia/USA. Interpreting the Biden Doctrine: The View From Moscow (Dmitri Trenin)

Defense News:

– USA/Israel. US Central Command absorbs Israel into its area of responsibility (Seth Frantzman)

– USA/Israel. Why Israel’s transfer to US Central Command could help deter Iran (Bradley Bowman and Behnam Ben Taleblu, – The Global Eye

East Asia Forum:

– Pakistan. Reality bites for Imran Khan’s ‘New Pakistan’ (Shuja Nawaz)

– China. The digital renminbi and the rise of central bank digital currencies (Michael Sung)

– G20/Debt Service Suspension Initiative. The failures of the G20’s Debt Service Suspension Initiative (William N Kring)

– Taiwan. Realising Taiwan’s indigenous potential (Niki Alsford, East Asia Forum) – The Global Eye


– Europe. Policy Brief: A “New” pact on Migration and Asylum? The European migration policy path-dependency (Europeum)


– Burkina Faso. Some Accountability for Attack on Burkina Faso School (Lauren Seibert)

– Afghanistan. The future of Afghanistan’s schools – and its children – is at stake (Zama Neff)

– Crimea. The Revolving Door of Persecution in Crimea (Yulia Gorbunova)

– Mozambique. Aid-for-Sex Alleged in Northern Mozambique (Zenaida Machado)

– Pakistan. Pakistan May Have its First Woman Supreme Court Justice (Saroop Ijaz)

– USA. Advance Human Right to Safe, Affordable Water

– Egypt. ‘Shootouts’ Disguise Apparent Extrajudicial Executions

– Nagorno Karabakh. Lessons of War Attacks on Schools During the Nagorno-Karabakh War (Bill Van Esveld, Tanya Lokshina)


– USA/Afghanistan. The U.S. Government Should Take the Lead in Providing Guidance on How to Moderate Social Media Content From the Taliban (Ashley Johnson)

– China. Limits to Alliances: In China, the United States and Its Allies Are Just Not Aligned (David Moschella)

Razumkov Centre:

– Ukraine. Economic dynamics vs “well-being” of Ukrainians (Vasyl Yurchyshyn)

Valdai Discussion Club:

– Eastern Economic Forum. The Eastern Economic Forum and New Global Realities (Timofei Bordachev)

– Afghanistan/Central Asia/Eurasia. Central Asia and Eurasia after the Fall of Kabul (Glenn Diesen)

– Iran/Afghanistan. Iran’s Policy Toward the Taliban (Farhad Ibrahimov)

– Afghanistan. Afghanistan in the Grip of Sanctions (Ivan Timofeev)


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