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Alcuni temi dal diario di oggi:

– Digital Diplomacy per l’EuropaIn the second that just elapsed, over 116 terabytes of data were exchanged throughout the internet, an amount comparable to ten times that produced by the Hubble Space Telescope in one year. Data has become an essential resource for economic growth, job creation and societal progress. It will ‘reshape the way we produce, consume and live’  (EUISS)

– La Turchia in AfghanistanAfter initially offering to secure and run Kabul airport, Turkey is now trying to find a role for itself after the Taliban’s sweeping victory in Afghanistan and the massive civilian and military evacuation that ended on August 30. At this point, however, it is not clear how much Ankara can achieve in the country and at what price (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace) 

– L’ombra lunga dell’11 settembreSeptember 11th, 2001 changed how the United States conceptualized and conducted counterterrorism for a generation. In the aftermath of the attacks, President George W. Bush vowed that the United States would fight “…until every terrorist group of global reach has been found, stopped and defeated” – thereby ushering in a new era of national security, of prolonged conflict and expansive decisions to use lethal force, including through remote means and under opaque justifications. A lethal U.S. drone strike in Yemen in 2002 operationalized, for the first time, the development and sustainment of an exceptional program for using lethal force against perceived threats outside widely recognized war zones. Twenty years after 9/11, that exception is at increasing risk of becoming the rule, in which the United States assumes broad authorities to lethally target people around the world seemingly in perpetuity and in secret, with limited oversight, and with even more limited accountability (Stimson Center)

– L’impegno di Taiwan nell’industria spazialeTaiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen said Sept. 14 the country “must secure a strategic position in the space industry’s supply chain” by leveraging its competitive edge in semiconductor and precision engineering. To that end, Taiwan’s leader called for cooperation between government, the private sector and academia to launch a “local team dedicated to manufacturing satellites and ground station equipment as soon as possible.” (Space News)

Buona lettura ! 


The Science of Where


– Experiments with line symbology II – Multiplicity

– Access 2020 U.S. Census Data with Esri

– Using Bookmarks in ArcGIS Earth

– Experiments with line symbology I – Simplicity

– A Process for Deprecating Maps and Layers

– Hatched fills and how to sneak them into ArcGIS Online

– ArcGIS Field Maps app for Integromat released! (Sept 2021)

– Automate email notifications for field updates

– Basemap and Imagery Updates Include Over 120 Communities Around the World!

– How Maps Inform Public Health Decisions in San Bernardino County

– Playback Your Wayback

– Telecom: The Digital Twin You Use Everyday

– A Look Back: How a GIS Team Guided Response and Recovery After 9/11

Esri Italia:

 Relive è una nuova App che permette di realizzare video in 3D di un percorso realizzato durante una escursione, una corsa, una passeggiata in bici, o una qualsiasi avventuraRelive: traccia i tuoi percorsi a piedi o in bici in 3D

– Wind offre servizi integrati di telefonia mobile, fissa e internet, servizi voce e dati nei mercati consumer e business. Grazie a Esri Italia, Wind ha realizzato un tool cartografico a supporto delle attività di operations di Rete. La Business Intelligence a supporto delle operations di Wind

– Il Portale Cartografico di AGCOM. Per l’implementazione del portale cartografico è stata scelta la tecnologia ArcGIS Online, con il supporto di Esri ItaliaAGCOM

– Esri Italia è partner di TIM, e prima diTelecom Italia, da oltre 20 anni nella realizzazione di piattaforme e progetti innovativi che da sempre contraddistinguono la leadership tecnologica del maggiore operatore italiano nelle TLCTIM

– Esri Italia alla Urban Mobility Web Conference (16 settembre 2021)

– Esri Italia a Servizi a rete Tour 2021 (22 e 23 settembre 2021)

– Esri Italia partner di un corso per Mobility Manager (ottobre 2021)

– Speciale Esri User Conference 2021 in diretta dall’Italia


TechInnovation e dintorni


– Technology competition: We need more than just strategy (Megan Lamberth and Martijn Rasser)


– Green Digital Diplomacy. Time for the EU to lead (Patryk Pawlak, Fabio Barbero)


– News aggregator SmartNews raises $230 million, valuing its business at $2 billion (Sarah Perez)

– Front introduces customer-centric features with deeper CRM integration (Romain Dillet)

– The FDA should regulate Instagram’s algorithm as a drug (Daniel Liss)

– In growth marketing, signal determines success (Jonathan Martinez)

– Tiger Global-led $100M investment makes Apna India’s fastest unicorn (Manish Singh)

– Inside Reach Capital’s edtech-powered returns (Natasha Mascarenhas)

– TikTok is hiding a viral challenge that has kids stealing their school’s soap dispensers (Taylor Hatmaker)

– Vietnam-based CoderSchool gets $2.6M pre-Series A to scale online course platform (Kate Park)


Nella cybersecurity, in difesa e d’intelligence


– New beginnings: Rethinking business and trade in an era of strategic clarity and rolling disruption (John Coyne, Gill Savage and Michael Shoebridge)

Belfer Center:

– A Next Generation National Information Operations Strategy and Architecture (Jack Kiesler)

BESA Center:

– Iran’s Nuclear Program: Where Is It Going? (Raphael Ofek)

Heritage Foundation:

– Critical Race Theory Will Destroy the Fabric of Our Military (John Venable)

– Biden’s Unity Purge of Military Advisory Boards (Mike Howell)

National Institute for Defense Studies:

– “The U.S.-Japan/U.S.-South Korea Alliance” and “the Far East 1905 System”: Perspectives on the 70th Anniversary of the San Francisco Peace Treaty and the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty (CHIJIWA Yasuaki)

Stimson Center:

– The Long Shadow of 9/11 on Decisions to Use Lethal Force. Since 9/11 the United States has assumed broad authority to lethally target people around the world in perpetuity and in secret, with limited oversight, and even more limited accountability (Rachel Stohl, Shannon Dick)


The Straegist:

– Ensuring the ADF can make a rapid transition to war (Emily Chapman)

– Australia must prepare as China’s coercive capabilities draw closer (Malcolm Davis)

– Australia’s path for reopening to the world (Michael Shoebridge)


Spazio chiama Terra

Space News:

– SpaceX launches Crew Dragon on first private mission (Jeff Foust)

– Space SPACs struggle to lift off (Jeff Foust)

– Commercial spaceflight industry sees Inspiration4 as a pathfinder but not a model (Jeff Foust)

– ‘Taiwan must secure a strategic position in space industry’s supply chain’: president (Park Si-soo)

– Henry Ford Heads for the High Frontier (Robert Bell)


Viaggio nei mondi e nelle questioni globali

BESA Center:

– Israeli Arabs’ Violent Lawlessness: An Existential Threat (Gershon Hacohen)

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace:

– Calculations in Kabul. Turkey’s success in finding a role in Afghanistan could bring its leadership valuable benefits (Marc Pierini)


– China tariff policies flounder without a strategy (Van Jackson)

– Neoliberals, Anti-imperialists, and the China Question (Van Jackson)

Heritage Foundation:

– $3.5T Spending Bill Would Lavish Hundreds of Billions on Nanny State Education (Lindsey M. Burke, Ph.D)

– Tariffs Are Never a Good Idea. Those on Aluminum Are Especially Bad. Aluminum prices are up 59% from a year ago, and America’s 10% tariffs on the metal are not relieving any headaches at manufacturers (Patrick Tyrrell, Anthony B. Kim)

– Getting a Game Plan for the Guardian of America’s Global Interests (James Jay Carafano)


– Japan’s Infrastructure Investment in the Indian Ocean: Checking China, Securing the Sea Lanes (Hidetaka Yoshimatsu)


– 20 ans après, quelles conséquences économiques du 11 septembre ? (Sylvie Matelly)


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