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The Science of Where Magazine’s interviews

– Gathering strenght, gathering storms. Visions on artificial intelligence. The Science of Where Magazine meets Michael Littman and Peter Stone

Africa-UN Security Council

– Make way for Wakanda: The UN Security Council needs an African seat (Rama Yade, Atlantic Council)

Arab Gulf-Afghanistan

– What the Arab Gulf is thinking after the Afghanistan withdrawal (Kirsten Fontenrose, Atlantic Council)


– Public–Private Partnerships in Developing Asian Countries: Practical Suggestions for Future Development Assistance (Endo, Kei – Seetharam, K. E. – ADBI)


– AUKUS: How not to win friends (Rakesh Sood, ORF)


– Evergrande and Xi’s grand vision (Kalpit A Mankikar, ORF)

– Five Lessons for Shaping Policies and Programs to Accelerate Urban Sanitation in Asia: A Case Study on the Beijing Gaobeidian Wastewater Treatment Plant (Kitano, Naohiro – Qu, Fangqi – ADBI)

Climate Finance

– Climate Finance Can Transform Food Systems (Barbara Buchner, Climate Policy Institute)

– Coal Power Finance in High-Impact Countries (Kyle Blocher, Morgan Richmond, Chavi Meattle, Federico Mazza and Melina Dickson, Climate Policy Initiative)

Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty

– Security Council marks 25th anniversary of Test Ban Treaty with call for nuclear weapons-free world (UN News)

Cyber Defense-Submarine Cable Security

– Cyber defense across the ocean floor: The geopolitics of submarine cable security (Justin Sherman, Atlantic Council)


– France focuses on responsibility and solidarity in the face of global challenges (UN News)


– The Andaman and Nicobar Islands: Indian Territory, Regional Potential (Sohini Bose, Anasua Basu Ray Chaudhury, ORF)


– Impact of Developments in Afghanistan on India: A Report (Aakriti Vinayak, Vinod Anand, VIF)


– Evolution of Indo-US Relations: From Estranged Democracies to Engaged Democracies (Rup Narayan Das, VIF)


– Can tropical rainforests benefit from surging voluntary carbon markets? The case of Indonesia (Tiza Mafira and Brurce Muhammad Mecca,Climate Policy Initiative)


– Iran nuclear programme at ‘critical point’, Israeli Prime Minister warns (UN News)

Machine Learning

– Using machine learning to improve the reliability of wireless communication systems (François-Xavier Briol, Ayush Bharti, The Alan Turing Institute)


– Niger: Climate change is another pandemic with devastating effects (UN News)

North Korea

– DPRK says it will ‘respond willingly’ if US abandons ‘hostile policy’ (UN News)

Poorest Countries

– Boosting production, crucial for least developed countries, post pandemic (UN News)


– Qatar Registers its Soft Power Presence in Afghanistan (Anwesha Ghosh, VIF)

Shanghai Cooperation Organisation-Afghanistan

– Can the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation make a long-term difference in Afghanistan? (Saaransh Mishra, ORF)


– Going hyperspectral for CHIME (ESA)

– Microgravity on demand with Earth return through ESA’s Boost! (ESA)

Sri Lanka

– Tapping a disaster: Mitigating the strategic implications of Sri Lanka’s economic crisis (Aditya Gowdara Shivamurthy, ORF)


– Syria committed to ‘combating and eradicating terrorism’, General Assembly hears (UN News)


– ‘Time to rethink, transform, and safely restart tourism’, says UN chief (UN News)


– The Department Unveils its First-Ever Enterprise Data Strategy (US Department of State)


– The US-EU Trade and Technology Council: Seven steps toward success (Frances Burwell, Atlantic Council)


– Yemen asks international community to exert pressure on Houthi coup leaders and their sponsors to ‘end bloodshed’ (UN News)

– Yemen: Endless suffering of children continues due to war, aid crisis (UN News)


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