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The Science of Where Magazine’s interviews

– L’intelligenza artificiale contro le discriminazioni sul lavoro. The Science of Where Magazine incontra Keith Sonderling, Commissioner del U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

– Per Italia e Germania, il futuro è nelle nuove tecnologie. Intervista esclusiva con l’Ambasciatore d’Italia a Berlino, Armando Varricchio

– Gathering strenght, gathering storms. Visions on artificial intelligence. The Science of Where Magazine meets Michael Littman and Peter Stone


– The challenge of addressing the health care needs of Afghan evacuees (


– ASEAN members bicker over AUKUS – Global Times


– Who Is Losing Belarus? – Jamestown


 Will China Stand in the Way of Global Health? by Jim O’Neill – Project Syndicate (

– Asia’s largest ‘Noah’s Ark’ for wildlife: how the Germplasm Bank of Wild Species guards precious biodiversity treasure in SW China’s Yunnan – Global Times


– China urges US to turn economic ties into ‘ice breakers’ amid stable trade data – Global Times


 Over 70 Su-57 fighters to enter operational service with Russian troops by 2027 — Rostec – Military & Defense – TASS

 Over 2,000 commandos to relocate to Crimea for large-scale drills – Military & Defense – TASS

 Moscow-led bloc to engage over 5,000 troops in Combat Brotherhood drills in Tajikistan – Military & Defense – TASS

 Gen Bagheri’s visit to boost Iran-Pakistan defense cooperation: Analyst – IRNA English

 Iran’s General Bagheri hold talks with Pakistan Naval Chief – IRNA English

 Will Americans Buy into Biden’s Ambitious Domestic Terrorism Plan? – Defense One

– Turkish shipyard launches mass production of fast patrol boats for coastal defense (

 Army embraces digital engineering for Bradley replacement (

 Army to release new digital transformation strategy (

 High operations tempo contributing to Lockheed spectrum convergence growth (

 Army enterprise network modernization to prioritize classified mission network (

–  China, Russia hold joint naval drill in Sea of Japan, display higher level of ‘trust, capability’ – Global Times

Digital Transformation-Emerging and Disruptive Technology:

 The wellness industry’s risky embrace of AI-driven mental health care (

 Huawei’s Ken Hu calls on ICT industry to work together on next stage of 5G development – Global Times

– China establishes innovation platform targeting automotive digital transformation – Global Times


– EAEU integration arouses interest of many countries — Putin – Russian Politics & Diplomacy – TASS

Ecological Transition-Climate Change:

 Cautious Optimism on the Road to Glasgow by Kemal Derviş – Project Syndicate (

– Charging crunch – Global Times

Global Economic Recovery:

– Post-Pandemic Recovery Must Include the Care Economy by Mercedes D’Alessandro & Maria S. Floro – Project Syndicate (


– The IMF needs to prepare for the post-COVID world – Atlantic Council


– Iran’s president calls for tighter internet control – Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East


– Pakistani advisor to visit Iran to promote bilateral trade – IRNA English


– Palestinians alarmed by Israel settlement plan on Jerusalem airport – Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East

Japan-Russia-Kuril Islands:

– Diplomat warns Japanese PM’s ultimatums on Kuril Islands delay prospect of solving issue – Russian Politics & Diplomacy – TASS


 ‘A living hell’: Churches, clergy targeted by Myanmar military | Military News | Al Jazeera

– Myanmar won’t allow ASEAN envoy to meet Aung San Suu Kyi | Military News | Al Jazeera


– One year after #EndSARS protests, has Nigerian police changed? | News | Al Jazeera


– Russian Mercenaries’ Potential Advent to Mali – Jamestown


– Putin‘s Brutal Letter to Ukraine under Medvedev’s Byline – Jamestown


 Is Erdogan’s Communications Directorate failing him? – Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East

– Jailing of terminally ill Gulen disciple stirs hearts across Turkey’s ideological divide  – Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East


– Ankara hints at new Syria operation after spate of attacks near border – Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East


– Is Turkey losing Washington? – Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East


 With only 194,000 jobs added, September’s jobs report disappoints (

 A roadmap to developing inclusive regional economic indicators (

 The value of qualitative data for advancing equity in policy (

– Has COVID disrupted the postsecondary pipeline? (


– Israel’s Lapid discusses Iran, Abraham Accords, US-Israel ties in Washington – Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East

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