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ZDNet (Cybersecurity graduates are doubling, but that’s still not going to fix the skills crisis, Liam Tung, 29 novembre 2021) scrive, con riferimento all’Europa, del problema delle competenze legate alla cyber security e delle difficoltà nel mercato del lavoro continentale.

Qui un report di ENISA (European Union Agency for Cybersecurity) dal titolo

Addressing Skills Shortage and Gap Through Higher Education.

In breve, da ZDNet, le raccomandazioni di ENISAENISA made several recommendations to address the EU cybersecurity skills shortage and gap: 

  • Increase enrolments and graduates in cybersecurity programs by diversifying the content, levels and languages used in the higher education curricula
  • Provide scholarships, especially for underrepresented groups, and promote cybersecurity as a diverse field 
  • Adopt a common framework for cybersecurity roles, competencies, skills and knowledge
  • Promote challenges and competitions in cybersecurity skills
  • Increase collaborations between member states in sharing program results and lessons learnt
  • Support the analysis of demographics (including the diversity) of new students and graduates in cybersecurity

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