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Il diario di oggi parte dalla questione energetica, al centro dell’agenda globale anche in conseguenza della guerra in corso in Ucraina. 

FOCUS – The term “energy weapon” is easily misused and often abused. U.S. policymakers have often accused Russia of weaponizing energy. Successive U.S. administrations have worried that Europe would not mount an effective response to aggression because of its reliance on Russia for energy. And as U.S. oil and gas production started to increase, so did hopes that the United States could counter Russia’s energy weapon with its own—a belief most clearly articulated during the Donald Trump presidency under the banner of “energy dominance.” A few weeks into the conflict, what can we say about the energy weapon? Nikos Tsafos – CSIS – The Energy Weapon—Revisited


  • Transitioning some 900 million Africans from biomass fuels to more affordable and environmentally friendly options over the next year could help prevent the deaths of millions of Africans (particularly women and children), foster social stability, and unlock significant labor market productivity. Raymond Gilpin – Brookings – Africa’s just energy transition could boost health outcomes


  • On 25 January 2022, an unprecedented blackout spread across much of southern Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. This is not the first time that Central Asia has experienced power outages, which have increased alarmingly in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. In neighbouring South Asia, Afghanistan and Pakistan have also been dealing with energy insecurity. Dimitris Symeonidis – East Asia Forum – Obstacles to energy security in Central and South Asia



  • (Fincantieri) The PPAs are built at the Integrated Shipyard of Riva Trigoso and Muggiano, with deliveries expected until 2026, and they are part of the renewal plan of the operational lines of the Italian Navy vessels, approved by the Government and Parliament and started in May 2015 (“Naval Act”) under the aegis of OCCAR (Organisation Conjointe de Cooperation sur l’Armement, the international organization for cooperation on arms). Xavier Vavasseur – Naval News – Fincantieri Delivers First PPA ‘Thaon Di Revel’ to Italian Navy
  • Delivering exceptional durability and reliability, configured for ease of deployment from all platforms and offering class-leading sensor and navigation performance, HUGIN Edge is the newest member of the HUGIN family of AUVs. The new design combines elements of HUGIN’s carbon monocoque approach used with success for the last 20 years coupled with extensive hydrodynamic modeling to refine the hull’s low-drag shape. HUGIN Edge stands out as a next-generation vehicle designed specifically to answer the performance and efficiency challenges set by the modern world. Naval News – Kongsberg Launches Latest Version of HUGIN AUV



  • In a welcome change from the past, particularly in the post-Doklam 2017 period, the nation is witnessing a coalescence of sensitivities on matters of national defence. This is a welcome attitudinal change in the State’s past policy of strategic reticence in the face of incessant acts of hostilities perpetrated against the Indian nationhood by the duo of powerful and irrepressibly India-animus neighbours. Lt Gen Gautam Banerjee – VIF – India: Gearing Up for National Defence

UKRAINE – RUSSIA (impact, reactions, consequences)

  • Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has created a massive refugee crisis. The Biden administration is reportedly considering letting some Ukrainian refugees resettle in the United States, and has allowed those already in the U.S. to extend their stays. This is a great start. But the administration should not ignore the tens of thousands of Russians trying to flee Vladimir Putin’s government. Allowing Russians to resettle here would undermine Putin’s rule, reduce his economic resources and deprive him of manpower needed to wage war. David J. Bier – Politico – Opinion | The U.S. Should Encourage Russians to Defect
  • In the wake of the Kremlin’s unprecedented aggression against Ukraine, fears are mounting of potential ‘spillover’ into the Arctic and implications for the existing rules-based Arctic order. Elizabeth Buchanan – RUSI – The Ukraine War and the Future of the Arctic
  • While negotiations do offer some hope, Russia is still bombarding non-military assets, reducing cities to rubble, and committing war crimes against civilians in Ukraine – leaving eight years of largely successful nation-building and progress in governance, the economy and society already shattered. Adam Kowalski – Chatham House – The cost of ceding advantage to Russia is far-reaching
  • The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and the FBI acknowledged providers and customers of U.S. satellite networks may be in Russia’s crosshairs as the conflict over Ukraine’s sovereignty continues. Mariam Baksh – Nextgov – CISA, FBI Warn of Russian Threat to Satellite Networks


  • The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency announced Friday that it has awarded General Dynamics Information Technology its User Facing and Data Center Services contract—valued at up to $4.5 billion over the next 10 years. Frank Konkel – Nextgov – NGA Awards GDIT $4.5 Billion Data Services Contract

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