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Il focus di oggi è dedicato alla sfida del renminbi digitale in Cina

FOCUSChina’s digital renminbi is no fast track to internationalisation of the currency, march 28. by Haihong Gao, East Asia Forum. China is one of the first countries to develop a central bank digital currency. The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) first proposed the idea of a digital renminbi in 2014. Since then, significant progress has been made on the concept and the development of the digital renminbi has attracted global attention. One issue that is frequently discussed is whether the digital renminbi will serve as a new channel for the internationalisation of the renminbi. (read more)

RUSSIA – UKRAINE (impact, reactions, consequences)

AROUND THE WORLD (ongoing relations, crisis, conflicts)


Central African Republic

El Salvador

  • El Salvador declares state of emergency after gang killings, march 28. by Al Jazeera. El Salvador’s parliament has approved the state of emergency that temporarily suspended some constitutional protections in the Central American country following a wave of killings attributed to criminal gangs. Police reported a total of 62 homicides on Saturday, making it the most violent day in nearly three decades. (read more)

G20 – RCEP

  • G20 and RCEP key to powering global recovery and development, march 27. by Mari Pangestu and Lili Yan Ing, East Asia Forum. There are two major platforms for international cooperation that can spur economic recovery in the developing world. One is the G20, which represents two-thirds of the global population, 90 per cent of the world’s GDP and 80 per cent of trade. The other is the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), which took effect in January 2022. The partnership’s 15 members represent about one-third of the world’s population, GDP, trade and investment. (read more)

Iraq’s Kurdistan – Israel – Iran

Israel – Morocco



RCEP – East Asia 

  • The strategic significance of RCEP in East Asia, march 28. by East Asia Forum. Economic cooperation in East Asia has progressed steadily in its own distinct and particular way. Unlike Europe with its customs union and supranational authority in Brussels and North America with its treaty-led integration, ASEAN and the economic powerhouses of China, Japan, and South Korea to its north have pursued non-binding regional cooperation turning the region into a global manufacturing hub. (read more)

Sri Lanka – India

  • Sri Lanka seeks another $1bn from India: Report, march 28. by Al Jazeera. Sri Lanka has sought an additional credit line of $1bn from India to import essentials amid its worst economic crisis in decades, Reuters has reported, citing two sources, as the Indian foreign minister began talks with the government of its neighbour. The island nation is struggling to pay for essential imports of food and fuel after a 70 percent drop in foreign exchange reserves since January 2020 led to a currency devaluation and efforts to seek help from global lenders. (read more)



  • US, Philippines kick off their largest-ever military drills, march 28. by Al Jazeera. Thousands of soldiers from the Philippines and the United States are participating in the largest-ever joint military drills in the archipelago nation, as the two longtime allies come closer amid fresh tensions in the disputed South China Sea. The war games are the last under outgoing President Rodrigo Duterte, who previously threatened to cancel exercises and axe a key military deal with the US as he pivoted towards China. (read more)

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