lunedì, Aprile 22, 2024


L’analisi di  per Infosecurity: few years ago, we talked a lot about how cybersecurity is the Wild West, and there was a desperate need for more people to care about it in general, not to mention the very real risk to life that many cyber-attacks could pose. Fast-forward to 2022, and it’s pleasing to see that some progress has been made, especially at the government level of many influential nations. For us, however, the journey towards truly secure code and safer software is without end. The advent of the digital darling of the moment – the Metaverse – adds a vast new attack surface for both code-level vulnerabilities and social engineering. We’re simply unprepared for battle on this new field that thrives on smoke and mirrors.

HowTo: Fight Cyber-Threats in the Metaverse – Infosecurity Magazine (

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