giovedì, Maggio 30, 2024


Hamas ha rapito decine di persone. Per capire meglio le relazioni tra le persone, i luoghi e le organizzazioni coinvolte, Loxodrome Labs utilizza la tecnologia Esri 

(da Linkedin, Matthew Berra, Loxodrome Labs) 

Hamas has kidnapped dozens of people. To better understand the relationships between the People, Places, and Organizations that were involved check out the Adaptation Link Analysis for Hamas Kidnappings.

It was created by analyzing data extracted from yesterday’s GDELT Global Knowledge Graph. All processing was done in an ArcGIS Notebook and displayed in a custom app built using the ArcGIS JavaScript API. Each cluster of pink dots is a group of similar news articles.

Just a heads up, because of the size of the graph it can run slow on less powerful devices. Please view it on a full-size machine. Moving it to a dedicated graph database like ArcGIS Knowledge would greatly increase its speed and analytic capabilities.

Terrorism News: Link Analysis (


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