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Alcuni temi dal diario di oggi:

– La Cina e i piani per il 6G entro il 2030Chinese telecom giant Huawei Technologies has unveiled its 6G plans, saying that it aims to launch 6G products around 2030, the company’s rotating chairman Eric Xu Zhiju wrote recently, in a sign of the company’s resilience after a year-long US’ ban (Global Times)

– La Cina rimane la prima potenza manifatturiera del pianetaChina remains as the world’s largest manufacturing power, as its manufacturing sector value has ranked the first globally for 11 consecutive years since 2010, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) said on Monday (Global Times)

– La sicurezza nucleare in IndiaThe nuclear domain is constantly grappling with challenges of existing and emerging threats in terms of both nuclear safety and security. Perceptions around nuclear security threats became particularly serious after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States (US). Since then, the international nuclear community has channeled their efforts to build and strengthen global institutions, norms, and regimes in order to build and/or sustain robust and protective mechanisms in the nuclear security domain (ORF)

– Muri in EuropaLa previsione di nuovi flussi migratori illegali diretti in Europa dall’Afghanistan in aggiunta ai flussi ornai consolidati dall’Asia e dall’Africa, sta determinando il “fiorire” di muri anti-migranti in diverse nazioni di confine dell’Europa (Analisi Difesa)

– L’USMCA (USA, Messico, Canada) come opportunitàThe passage of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) through the U.S. Congress with overwhelming bipartisan support, as well as with strong political backing in Canada and Mexico, underscored the importance of USMCA for North American trade and economic relations. It builds on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and largely retains NAFTA’s commitment to lowering trade barriers although it rolls back trade openness in the auto sector. USMCA also adds robust new and timely commitments, particularly on digital trade, labor, and the environment. (Brookings)

– Esercitazioni in comune tra Australia e IndiaLe marine di India e Australia hanno concluso l’esercitazione congiunta AUSINDEX 2021, sviluppatasi nell’arco di quattro giorni al largo del porto di Darwin, nell’Australia Settentrionale. Nelle stesse ore i ministri della Difesa e degli Esteri dei due Paesi hanno aperto nella capitale indiana i lavori del loro primo dialogo strategico (Analisi Difesa)

– La Corea del Nord ha testato un nuovo missile da crociera a lungo raggio lo scorso fine settimanaNorth Korea test-fired a new “long-range cruise missile” over the weekend, state media reported Monday, with the United States saying the nuclear-armed country was threatening its neighbors and beyond. Pictures in the Rodong Sinmun newspaper showed a missile exiting one of five tubes on a launch vehicle in a ball of flame, and a missile in horizontal flight (The Defense Post)

– Le strategie digitali di Al Qaeda e ISISLast weekend marked two important dates in the history of jihadism: the 20-year anniversary of the 9/11 attack by al-Qaeda (AQ) and the start of the trial in Paris of the 13 November 2015 attacks carried out by Islamic State (IS). This article aims to take stock of the progression of AQ’s propaganda following the emergence of IS: to what extent do the two groups’ digital strategies embody their ideological differences and reflect their organisational evolution? How do they diverge? Despite the weakening of both group’s media capabilities, how has AQ’s media managed not to be overshadowed by IS’s stronger brand and more frequent propaganda machine? (GNET)

– L’importanza delle reti ad alta velocitàHigh-speed rail (HSR) development has been recognized as an important policy tool for regional development around the world, notably in Asia and Europe. However, the introduction, development, and evolution of HSR have also attracted debate on complex issues, such as project appraisal, the wider economic benefits for regional and national development, the quality of life impacts on society, cohesion and social equity concerns, and the diversity of the challenges faced during execution. While transport corridors have led to substantial benefits in many countries and regions, there have also been cases resulting in HSR patchworks rather than networks (ADBI)

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The Science of Where


– Playback Your Wayback

– Telecom: The Digital Twin You Use Everyday

– A Look Back: How a GIS Team Guided Response and Recovery After 9/11

Esri Italia:

– Acea 2.0 – la multiutility digitale

– Veritas – la digital transformation del servizio idrico

– Relive: traccia i tuoi percorsi a piedi o in bici in 3D

– AQP: l’innovazione digitale per la gestione virtuosa della risorsa idrica

– A2A: innovazione nelle Operation delle reti

– La tecnologia Esri per i danni degli incendi in Sardegna

– Osservatorio Metropolitano – ciclo di incontri sulla qualità urbana (dal 14 settembre 2021)

– Esri Italia alla Conferenza internazionale sul Telerilevamento (13-15 settermbre 2021)

– Esri Italia partner di un corso per Mobility Manager (ottobre 2021)

– Esri Italia alla Urban Mobility Web Conference (16 settembre 2021)

– Esri Italia a Servizi a rete Tour 2021 (22 e 23 settembre 2021)

– Speciale Esri User Conference 2021 in diretta dall’Italia


TechInnovation e dintorni

Al Jazeera:

– India. From dropout to fintech disruptor: Zerodha’s Nikhil Kamath (Megha Bahree)

Global Times:

– China. Huawei executive discusses 6G plans, as US chip ban reaches one year anniversary (Xie Jun)

– China. MIIT to strengthen administrative guidance to ensure normal access to legitimate websites


– As You Like It: User Types in Digital Gamified Radicalisation Processes (Linda Schlegel)

– Let’s Talk about Games, Baby: Extremist Use of Gaming (-Adjacent) Platforms (Linda Schlegel)

– Fashwave: Extremist Audio Formats Present Complex Challenges

– How Salafi-Jihadists Circumvent Facebook’s Community Standards With Mythical and Eudaimonic Content (Catherine Bouko)

– Al Qaeda/ISIS/Digital Strategies. 20 Years After 9/11 – Why Islamic State’s Propaganda Hasn’t Overshadowed Al-Qaeda’s (Laurence Bindner and Raphael Gluck)


– Southeast Asia-focused Jungle Ventures announces $225M first close for its fourth fund (Catherine Shu)

– Indonesia-based Rey Assurance launches its holistic approach to insurance with $1M in funding (Catherine Shu)

– Billogram, provider of a payments platform specifically for recurring billing, raises $45M (Ingrid Lunden)

– Chinese crackdown on tech giants threatens its cloud market growth (Kate Park)

– Commercetools raises $140M at a $1.9B valuation as ‘headless’ commerce continues to boom (Ingrid Lunden)

– Egyptian startup Capiter raises $33M to expand B2B e-commerce platform across MENA (Tage Kene-Okafor)

– Babyscripts secures $12M to roll out its virtual maternity care model (Christine Hall)

– Trade promotion management startup Cresicor raises $5.6M to keep tabs on customer spend (Christine Hall)

– Freshworks aims for nearly $9 billion valuation in US IPO (Manish Singh)

– MarginEdge, a restaurant management software company, raises $18M (Christine Hall)

– Rezilion raises $30M help security operations teams with tools to automate their busywork (Ingrid Lunden)


Nella cybersecurity

Security Affairs (Pierluigi Paganini):

– The new maxtrilha trojan is being disseminated and targeting several banks 

– BlackMatter ransomware gang hit Technology giant Olympus

– South Africa. Department of Justice and Constitutional Development of South Africa hit by a ransomware attack


In difesa e d’intelligence

Analisi Difesa:

– Australia-India. AUSINDEX: le marine indiana e australiana si addestrano insieme

Defense News:

– Britain. Britain spends $850 million on C-17 upgrades, Typhoon training tech (Andrew Chuter)

– Israel/UK. IAI debuts new hybrid ground robot joining the UK army inventory (Jen Judson)

– Poland. Polish defense trade show spurs deals on drones, digital combat training (Jaroslaw Adamowski)

– Russia/Belarus. As ‘Zapad’ military drills heat up, signs of a lasting Russian footprint in Belarus (Alexander Bratersky)

– USA. Missile Defense Agency successfully tests new booster for homeland missile defense system (Jen Judson)

– USA. Austal ahead of schedule in yard upgrades, but still awaiting ships to build (Megan Eckstein)

– USA. Polaris unveils newest light tactical vehicle at London defense show (Jen Judson)

– USA. Congress wants answers on how DoD is solving a hypersonic weapons detection gap (Jen Judson)

Defense One:

– Defense/USA. Boost Defense Spending? Congress Owes Us a Better Explanation (Billy Osermeyer)

Global Times:

– Japan/China. Japan hypes suspected Chinese submarine activity ‘in attempt to break pacifist constitution’ (Liu Xuanzun)

– Japan-Vietnam. Japan seeks to ease military restriction through defense transfer deal with Vietnam: experts


– India-Russia. India’s Military Outreach: Military Logistics Agreements (Rajeswari (Raji) Pillai Rajagopalan)

The Defense Post:

– North Korea. North Korea Test-Fires New ‘Long-Range Cruise Missile’: KCNA


Spazio chiama Terra

Space News:

– USA. Perseverance collects first Mars samples (Jeff Foust)

– USA. Potential component defect to delay next Virgin Galactic flight (Jeff Foust)


Viaggio nei mondi e nelle questioni globali


– High-Speed Rail. Frontiers in High-Speed Rail Development

Analisi Difesa:

–  Europe. Sempre più muri per fermare i migranti illegali in Europa (Gianandrea Gaiani)

BESA Center:

– Israel. The Terrorists’ Escape from Gilboa Prison: A Wake-Up Call for Israeli Society (Maj. Gen. (res.) Gershon Hacohen)


– Israel. The game is not yet over, and vaccines still matter: Lessons from a study on Israel’s COVID-19 vaccination (Oren Heller, Yaniv Shlomo, Yung Chun, Mary Acri, and Michal Grinstein-Weiss)

– USA. Filibuster reform is coming—here’s how (Mel Barnes, Norman Eisen, Jeffrey A. Mandell, and Norman Ornstein)

– USA. The vaccine divide will drive even worse economic divides (Mark Muro and John C. Austin, Brookings) – The Global Eye

– USA/Mexico/Canada. Developing a roadmap for USMCA success (Joshua P. Meltzer)

Global Times:

– Cambodia-China. Cambodia won’t succumb to pressure but will firmly support China in core issues: Cambodian PM

– China. Wang Yi’s visit to neighbors expected to improve cooperation, not to counter US influence (Xu Keyue in Beijing and Zhang Dan in Nanning)

– China. China to put carbon emission goals into medium- and long-term development strategy: climate envoy Xie Zhenhua

– China. SOHO China shares plunge nearly 40% as Blackstone drops $3bln takeover

– China. China remains the world’s largest manufacturing power: MIIT

– China-USA-Taiwan. Recovery of China-US ties sees ‘troublemaking from Taiwan island’ (Yang Sheng and Zhang Changyue)


– China. Decrypting China’s Big Tech Crackdown – Part 1 (Sharanya Shandilya)

– Guinea/West Africa. The fall of Alpha Condé’s regime in Guinea: A critical appraisal (Rajen Harshé)

– India. Nuclear Safety and Security in India: Emerging Threats and Response Preparedness (Rajeswari (Raji) Pillai Rajagopalan)

– India/Australia. Third Indo-Pacific Oration (Sunjoy Joshi, Marise Payne, Harsh V. Pant)

– India/Central and Eastern Europe. India in Central and Eastern Europe: From Non-Alignment to Multi–Alignment (Rahul Kamath)

– India/Hydrogen Economy. If data is the new oil, is Hydrogen the new gas? (Sanjeev S. Ahluwalia)

– India/Russia. Indo-Russian business relationship: Focus on common interests and development needs (Vladislav Voytsekhovich)

– Nepal. The fall of communism in Nepal (Hari Bansh Jha)

The Defense Post:

– Burkina Faso. At Least Three Gendarmes Killed in Burkina Faso


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