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Alcuni temi dal diario di oggi:


– Cina, leader nell’intelligenza artificiale con l’obiettivo dell’autosufficienzaTop officials from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) said the country will promote new emerging industry clusters, including the layout of industry chains in cutting-edge sectors such as artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum communication, to ensure the resilience of the industry and supply chains of the world’s second-largest economy (Global Times)

– India e Singapore lavorano per collegare i loro sistemi di pagamento digitaleIndia and Singapore are working to link their digital payments systems to enable “instant, low-cost fund transfers,” in a major push to disrupt the cross-border transactions between the two nations that amounts to over $1 billion each year. The project to link India’s Unified Payments Interface (UPI) and Singapore’s PayNow is targeted for operationalization by July 2022, both nation’s central banks said on Tuesday. Users on either of the systems will be able to make transactions to one another without having to sign up to the second platform, the banks added (TechCrunch)

– Per un 5G made in USA senza HuaweiNokia recently won a 5G contract with U.S. Cellular, the fourth-largest wireless provider in the United States, another step in building out American 5G without Chinese telecom Huawei. Yet, for all the noise about 5G, cloud, and other “emerging” technologies, the internet still vitally depends on a far-less-flashy infrastructure — submarine cables that haul internet traffic along the ocean floor (Defense One)

– Regolazione cinese delle società di piattaforme digitali e la sfida all’OccidenteAt a time when the United States and its Western allies are struggling to determine the proper oversight of digital platform companies, the Chinese government is moving decisively ahead with its own plan. That China has designed regulations for these digital platform companies to stimulate competition and innovation should send a message to Western policymakers (Brookings)

– La terza rivoluzione nel warfareFirst there was gunpowder. Then nuclear weapons. Next: artificially intelligent weapons (Defense One)

Buona lettura ! 


The Science of Where


– Experiments with line symbology I – Simplicity

– A Process for Deprecating Maps and Layers

– Hatched fills and how to sneak them into ArcGIS Online

– ArcGIS Field Maps app for Integromat released! (Sept 2021)

– Automate email notifications for field updates

– Basemap and Imagery Updates Include Over 120 Communities Around the World!

– How Maps Inform Public Health Decisions in San Bernardino County

– Playback Your Wayback

– Telecom: The Digital Twin You Use Everyday

– A Look Back: How a GIS Team Guided Response and Recovery After 9/11

Esri Italia:

– Il Portale Cartografico di AGCOM. Per l’implementazione del portale cartografico è stata scelta la tecnologia ArcGIS Online, con il supporto di Esri ItaliaAGCOM

– Esri Italia è partner di TIM, e prima diTelecom Italia, da oltre 20 anni nella realizzazione di piattaforme e progetti innovativi che da sempre contraddistinguono la leadership tecnologica del maggiore operatore italiano nelle TLCTIM

– Esri Italia alla Urban Mobility Web Conference (16 settembre 2021)

– Esri Italia a Servizi a rete Tour 2021 (22 e 23 settembre 2021)

– Esri Italia partner di un corso per Mobility Manager (ottobre 2021)

– Speciale Esri User Conference 2021 in diretta dall’Italia


TechInnovation e dintorni


– Enrollment algorithms are contributing to the crises of higher education (Alex Engler)

– China’s new regulation of platforms: a message for American policymakers (Tom Wheeler)

Defense One:

– USA. The U.S. Should Get Serious About Submarine Cable Security (Justin Sherman)

– Warfare. The Third Revolution in Warfare (Kai-Fu Lee)

Global Times:

– China. China’s leading status in AI, quantum sectors is coupled with urgency of self-reliance: experts (Chu Daye and Xiong Xinyi)

– China. Tencent, ByteDance and Alibaba respond after China asks tech firms to stop blocking rivals’ links


– Chinese tech giant Baidu begins publicly testing Apollo Go robotaxis in Shanghai (Rebecca Bellan)

– Digital freight marketplace BridgeLinx raises $10 million in Pakistan’s largest seed funding (Manish Singh)

– Political economist Neil Malholtra on why some in Silicon Valley turned on Gavin Newsom (Connie Loizos)

– India and Singapore to link their payments systems to enable ‘instant and low-cost’ cross-border transactions (Manish Singh)

– PassFort, a RegTech SaaS for KYC and AML, nets $16.2M (Natasha Lomas)

– South Korean antitrust regulator fines Google $177M for abusing market dominance (Kate Park)

– Helsinki’s poised to close fund at €100M, key focus will be sustainability, deeptech (Mike Butcher)

– SoftBank commits $3B more to investing in Latin American tech companies (Mary Ann Azevedo)

– AgBiome lands $166M for safer crop protection technology (Christine Hall)

– Glovo bags two grocery picking and delivery startups (Natasha Lomas)

– Logistics robotics startup Ambi raises $26M (Brian Heater)

Tech From The Net:

– Formazione e realtà estesa, il futuro per il settore industriale (Maurizio Galardo)

– Trasformazione data-driven, il sottile equilibrio tra hardware e software (Glenn Fitzgerald, Danilo Rivalta)

– I microservizi aiutano a gestire le complessità, il parere di Sony (Matt Bowers)


Nella cybersecurity

Security Affairs (Pierluigi Paganini):

– New Spook.Js attack allows to bypass Google Chrome Site Isolation protections

– Facebook announces WhatsApp end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) backups

– Apple fixes actively exploited FORCEDENTRY zero-day flaws

– Popular NPM package Pac-Resolver affected by a critical flaw

– Vermilion Strike, a Linux implementation of Cobalt Strike Beacon used in attacks

Tech From The Net:

– Vulnerabilità dannosa per milioni di dispositivi IoT scoperta da FireEye (Barbara Tomasi)


In difesa e d’intelligence

Analisi Difesa:

– Nigeria. Consegnato alla flotta presidenziale nigeriana il primo elicottero Leonardo AW189 VIP

Global Times:

– China/USA. PLA warships reportedly sail near Alaska, ‘display of far-sea capabilities or countermeasure against US provocation’ (Liu Xuanzun)


Spazio chiama Terra

Space News:

– Raymond: Small satellites and fast data transforming space business (Sandra Erwin)

– SpaceX launches first dedicated polar Starlink mission (Jeff Foust)

– Planet provides data to federal civilian agencies under NASA contract (Debra Werner)

– South Korea seeks $553 million space budget for 2022 (Brian Berger)

– BAE Systems to acquire smallsat company In-Space Missions (Jeff Foust)

– Marlink’s sale values maritime connectivity specialist at $1.4 billion (Jason Rainbow)

– SpaceX’s Starlink broadband to be available in Japan’s remote areas next year (Park Si-soo)

– Now officially a public company, BlackSky moving to expand sales and marketing (Sandra Erwin)



Viaggio nei mondi e nelle questioni globali


– Privacy Laws/International Trade. Are privacy laws compatible with international trade? Highlights from my conversation with Nigel Cory (Shane Tews)

– USA. The future of the American city: My long-read Q&A with Ed Glaeser (James Pethokoukis)

Atlantic Council:

– Saudi Arabia/UAE. Defusing Saudi Arabia-UAE tensions through economic rebalancing (Hani Findakly)


– Cities/SDGs. City playbook for advancing the SDGs

Defense One:

– USA. Will Congress Ever Repeal Its Post-9/11 War Authorizations? (Jacqueline Feldscher)

– USA/Afghanistan. Congress’ Afghanistan Oversight Marred By Politics (Jacqueline Feldscher)

East Asia Forum:

– Australia. Australia needs a diaspora census (Stewart Nixon)

– Japan. How the Olympics contributed to Suga’s downfall (Ben Ascione, East Asia Forum)

Global Times:

– China/ASEAN. China calls on ASEAN Plus Three countries to oppose political manipulation and accelerate regional economic recovery amid complexities

– China/ASEAN. China-ASEAN Expo concludes with record-smashing deal value

– China/Democratic Republic of Congo. China-DRC bilateral cooperation enjoys broad prospects, has yielded fruitful win-win results: FM

– China/Germany. Merkel sets example for successor to continue pragmatic ties

– China/Hong Kong. Shenzhen announces measures to enhance scientific cooperation with Hong Kong (Xie Jun)

– China/USA. China hopes US will create necessary conditions for bilateral trade: ambassador

– Pakistan/China. Pakistan vows to further optimize business environment for Chinese companies, remove barriers: PM

– USA/China. GT Voice: US Section 301 investigation won’t serve its trade purpose

The Jamestown Foundation:

– China. Evidence of the Chinese Central Government’s Knowledge of and Involvement in Xinjiang’s Re-Education Internment Campaign (Adrian Zenz)

– Japan/Central Asia. Japan Increases Involvement in Central Asia (Paul Globe)

– Nord Stream 2. Nord Stream Two Construction Completed, but Gas Flows Unlikely in 2021 (Mateusz Kubiak)

– Russia. Russian-Style Multilateralism: Decorative and Ineffectual (Pavel K. Baev)

– Russia. The Russian Elections and Hidden Regionalist Politics (Vadim Shtepa)

– Russia/Asia Pacific. Sustainable Energy—A Hidden Agenda of Russia’s 2021 Eastern Economic Forum (Sergey Sukhankin)

– Uzbekistan/Afghanistan. Though Wary of Border Instability, Uzbekistan Ready to Handle Any Outcomes in Afghanistan (Umida Hashimova)


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