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(Cybersecurity) September 7, 2022. Adenike Cosgrove, Infosecurity. While the world is shifting back to a revised normality, the impact of the pandemic is still presenting lasting challenges for organizations globally. The ‘work from anywhere’ model that looks set to stay for many has increased complexity for security teams worldwide, adding to the already ever-growing cybersecurity challenge. Outsourcing Cyber Risk: Why an Integrated Approach is Critical


  • (Afghanistan) September 7, 2022. Peter Mills, ISW. The Taliban government is struggling to defeat the National Resistance Front (NRF), a growing anti-Taliban insurgency in northeastern Afghanistan. Taliban leaders appointed a new slate of military commanders to lead anti-NRF operations, indicating dissatisfaction with the previous commanders’ performance. Political and ethnic divisions are also likely undermining Taliban forces. Continued Taliban failures against the NRF could lead to the strengthening of the Haqqani Network within the Taliban’s military leadership. Taliban Struggles to Contain Afghan National Resistance Front
  • (AUKUS) September 7, 2022. Megan Eckstein, Defense News. The United States, the United Kingdom and Australia have spent the last year discussing in detail the capabilities that each partner of the so-called AUKUS agreement will bring to the table for a future Australian nuclear-powered attack submarine, according to the undersecretary of the U.S. Navy. What have the AUKUS partners spent the last year doing?
  • (Belarus) September 7, 2022. Grigory Ioffe, The Jamestown Foundation. Musings of two Belarusian historians, Yury Shevtsov and Alexander Bely, symbolize the current condition of Belarusians’ cultural divide. Both consider the 1596 emergence of the Uniate Church, preserving the Eastern rite and discipline but submitting to papal authority, an important hallmark in Belarusian history. Belarusians at Home and Abroad Are Growing Apart
  • (China – Iran deal) September 7, 2022. Craig Singleton, FDD. Supporters of a new Iran deal claim it will put Tehran’s atomic program “in a box” so that Washington and its allies can finally focus on countering Beijing’s increasing belligerence in the Indo-Pacific. But a shorter, weaker deal that significantly strengthens Iran’s hand will have the opposite effect: It will lead to greater instability in both the Middle East and Indo-Pacific while enabling China to deepen its influence throughout the Gulf. How Beijing Benefits From a New Iran Deal
  • (Egypt) September 8, 2022. Kali Robinson, CFR. As host of the UN climate talks, Egypt is trying to attract financial support for the continent’s climate actions. But its record of repression and reliance on fossil fuels threaten to undercut that effort. Egypt Is Hosting COP27. Can It Become Africa’s Climate Champion?
  • (Ethiopia) September 8, 2022. Ann Fitz-Gerald, Hugh Segal OC OOnt CD, RUSI. As terrorist groups including Al-Qa’ida continue to advance across Africa, the international community needs to support the Ethiopian government in restoring stability to the country. Stopping Al-Qa’ida in Africa Requires United Support for Ethiopia


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